h a big trouble?” David was surprised. What else could happen besides this reason?

“Do you know? How long does it take to build a battleship? From design to manufacturing, to the configuration of weapons and scanning equipment, to debugging, it takes about five years. In addition, the production of some battleship materials is very small. Prepare these Materials are still five years away.
/Originally, some companies that could build battleships had battleships in stock. These were used for the replacement of old battleships after the military retired them. Your sudden addition of two hundred battleships will not only clear out all the battleship stocks, but also All battleships under construction have been ordered, and the military will have no replacement battleships for at least ten years! “Minister Dalton said bitterly.
The demand for battleships is originally small. Coupled with the complex technology and extremely difficult construction, the combined output of all the arms companies of the Interstellar Federation is also extremely low.
Originally, no matter how rich and powerful the federal citizens were, they could not purchase and use battleships. However, due to the shortage of two hundred battleships on David’s side, those forces who wanted to rely on David could not use them themselves and only gave out credit points. , all the battleships were emptied.
“Battleship reproduction is just a matter of time, and it will be updated later!” David said with a smile when he heard that it had nothing to do with him.
The Nineteenth Fleet is the fleet directly under David, and he finally understands the reason why Minister Dalton came here.
It is estimated that Minister Dalton is indeed in trouble, and the Nineteenth Fleet also happens to be a force that needs to retire battleships. If the battleships are renewed for the Nineteenth Fleet, he will not be able to explain to other fleets.
“How many battleships in the Nineteenth Fleet need to be updated?” David asked.
“Two, or you can just transfer two of the two hundred frigates over!” Minister Dalton suggested.
“No need, please help me spread the word. I still have two battleships to buy. This time I will pay for the credits myself!” David said with a smile and waved his hand.
Minister Dalton understands what David means. The gift quota for the two hundred battleships has been filled. Someone must have ordered the battleships because they were a step too late and did not send them out.
Minister Dalton shook his head. This was actually a battleship drawn from the purchasing power of the Equipment Department, but it blocked the rest of the fleet.
/“You are not short of these credits. If you add more credits, there are two hundred more super star destroyer cannons in the equipment department’s warehouse. Do you want to convert them into main guns for you?” Minister Dalton asked with a smile. .
“Isn’t it going to cause you any trouble?” David asked worriedly.
If two hundred super Star Destroyer Cannons were fired in one salvo, not even the powerful defense of Da