bat power. The dragon family back then was suppressed by temples and had no room for survival.

Now the black dragon Alexis only needs to protect David, and he doesn’t have much scruples, just stay away from the temple. As for the divine envoy descended from the gods, with the power that the divine envoy’s body can withstand, it is impossible to deal with the black dragon Ya What threat does Alexis pose.
/David felt a little more at ease. His strength improved rapidly, but he was never able to keep up with the strength of the opponents he kept encountering.
Now he has a direct hatred against the God of Death, and may be noticed by the five gods in the divine world. He only hopes that this day will be as late as possible.
“Shadow Warrior, come here!” David stretched out his hand and Shadow Warrior appeared beside him, and he put his hand on Shadow Warrior’s shoulder.
The knowledge light orbs harvested this time were simple, there were only two. David glanced at them and focused his attention on the knowledge light orbs left by the fifth-level bishop of Ironside.
‘Body of Fire (Talent)’, this is the main talent ability of the fifth-level Bishop of Ironside. Unsurprisingly, it was extracted from the soul energy of the Shadow Servant.
This talent is of course very strong, but for David it is useless. The addition of the ‘Flame Body’ talent cannot enhance his strength. This level five talent has little effect on improving his strength.
At most, ‘Fire Body’ can increase his fire attack, but this flame talent ability has no advantage compared to the ‘Purple Fire Control’ talent ability. Even the power of ‘Fire Body’ is not as powerful as ‘Purple Fire Control’. ‘The power of innate abilities.
This is the gap between the energy talent of humans and the energy talent of the Zerg. Generally speaking, at the same level, the energy talent of the Zerg can crush the energy talent of humans.
So David just glanced at it and put away the ‘Fire Body (Talent)’ without absorbing it.
‘Holy Spirit Realm (demigod-level talent)’, when David saw the name of this knowledge light ball, his heart couldn’t help but heat up.
Even in his battle with the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’, it was very easy to deal with the attacks of the ‘Holy Spirit Realm’, but this was based on the premise that he had mastered a large number of natural abilities, making him more powerful in any energy talent. There are no weaknesses.
Among all the powerful people David has seen, except for the god-level ones, no one can have multiple energy talents. A maximum of two energy talents is the limit.
“Lord Arthur, you’d better not absorb this ‘Holy Spirit Realm’ talent!” The reminder from the black dragon Alexis sounded in the master-servant contract.
In order to facilitate the black dragon Alexis to observe the state of David’s body, David has always opened his perception to the black dragon Alexis, allowing the black dragon Alexis to monitor any changes in David’s body.
/The master-servant contract formed through divine writing allowed David to have complete tr