he Zerg have too many weird innate abilities, and it is very possible to discover Lord Arthur who is invisible in the ‘shadow space’.

Based on the thinking of the five major temples, if they encounter danger, they still hope that Lord Arthur can escape in time.
If Lord Arthur, the ‘Invincible Knight’, falls at the hands of the Zerg, it is very likely to cause a huge blow to the already low morale.
You must know that Lord Arthur’s reputation among the knights is brought about by victory after victory. The terrifying enemies that have existed for thousands of years have all fallen to his hands. If such an invincible existence also fails, it will have a negative impact on the morale of the knights. A fatal blow.
“I’m still somewhat confident about my escape!” David said with a smile.
“I believe this. You have escaped death countless times!” Bishop McKinley said with a laugh.
What Bishop McKinley was thinking about at this time was the battle between gods, when Lord Arthur was hit hard by Gladstone, the God of Plague, and flew into the small world. At that moment, he thought Lord Arthur would die, but who knew Lord Arthur actually survived such a blow.
From then on, Bishop McKinley did not believe that anyone else could kill Lord Arthur. Who else in the divine world could deliver a blow like ‘Gladstone, God of Plague’.
That was a powerful blow from the god using his divine body. That blow could collapse a knightly battle formation composed of dozens of fifth-level Templar knights.
“It seems that you are more confident than me!” David couldn’t help laughing, and then he asked: “How can the ‘Sealed Artifact’ be handed over to me?”
“Your lord-level contact circle has the function of remote transmission of small items, but the chaotic star field has blocked the use of the teleportation circle. I will now enable the transmission restrictions of your lord-level contact circle for you, and you can Feel free to use the lord-level contact circle to transport small items!” Bishop McKinley explained with a smile.
/The purpose of blocking the Chaotic Star Field is to prevent the Zerg from obtaining the spatial coordinates in the teleportation circle. Once the spatial coordinates are exposed and discovered by the Zerg with space talent, they will use these spatial coordinates to open remote space connections.
Not only the great world of God is paying attention to this, but within the war zone of the Interstellar Federation, apart from the military space portals under strict blockade by the military, there are only some small personal portals.
David activated the long-range small object teleportation array on his lord-level contact circle. The weak teleportation light flickered and beat, and was about to go out at any time. However, soon, it seemed that it was affected by some kind of force, and the teleportation light stabilized. The light slowly strengthens to meet the requirements for transmitting items.
Just when he was looking at his lord-level contact circle, the light suddenly flashed fiercely, and when it dimmed a