le” and can mobilize angel-level power, believes that he can withstand it. After all, Mr. “Gate” is in The state of being exiled and sealed.

Untying the pendulum from the cuff of his left wrist, Klein held it with his left hand and let it hang over the words, almost touching the surface of the paper.
/He then closed his eyes and silently recited the divination sentence seven times with high concentration.
Silently, a shadow suddenly flashed across Klein’s heart, which seemed to completely block his inspiration.
He quickly opened his eyes and saw the citrine pendant shattered into powder.
“After I initially mastered the ‘Origin Castle’, some divination is more concealed and less likely to cause accidents?
“Well, is it related to one’s own safety? Or is it because the gap with Mr. Door has narrowed to a certain extent? Of course, it refers to Mr. Door in the sealed state…or a combination of the two The effect?
“This result now shows that there is an unbearable danger in talking to Mr. Door… Why is this happening?” Klein frowned, unable to make a valid guess or think of a reasonable explanation.
After a while, he leaned back on the back of the high-backed chair, shook his head and sighed, giving up his original plan.
“We can only make more preparations in other aspects…” Klein pressed down with his left hand, and the citrine pendant instantly recovered. After all, it was just a projection of the main body above the gray fog.
Because of the changes that occurred in the “divination” just now, Klein had some associations, that is, peering into the twisted and transparent worms on the main peak of the Honakis Mountains may not be as dangerous as before.
/“There is a high probability that it is a Sequence 1 angel of the Antigonus family, or even the ‘Half Fool’ that Leonard and I mentioned… If my peeping can last longer, I can directly decipher the Sequence 2 angel. The magic potion formula of the ‘Miracle Master’ or the Sequence 1 ‘Servant of Mysteries’ may not be low. Well, there is only one chance. That kind of monster has gone completely crazy. Who knows what changes will happen because of this… When I fully adapt to the ‘ancient times’ Scholar’s magic potion, you can give it a try…” Klein rubbed his forehead, and his figure suddenly disappeared above the gray mist.
After returning to the real world, he did not rush to clean up the altar. Instead, he sat on a chair and seriously thought about what other unconventional preparations he could make.
The so-called routines include: meeting with the “Queen of Mystery” to discuss the details of cooperation; giving more gifts to Will Aucetin, Renette Tinichole, and Pales Zoroaster; “Night Goddess” prays to increase the probability of summoning the historical pore image of the ascetic Arianna; proficiency in the core ability of “Ancient Scholar”…
As for the unconventional, it purely depends on Klein’s own imagination.
After thinking for a while, Klein looked solemn, frowned slightly, reached out his right hand, and scratched the air.
This time, he drag