re immeasurable.

After the gods entered the world of the Interstellar Federation, they were suppressed by the rules of the world and their strength was greatly reduced. This gave the Interstellar Federation a chance.
In the divine world, the military has no confidence in defeating the gods, not to mention that the super weapons that can defeat the gods have not been transported to the divine world, and it is impossible to transport them to the divine world.
It is an important weapon of the country and a barrier to the security of the interstellar federation.
“The god-level was just a short confrontation, and the Zerg god-level retreated. There will be no god-level attack on us!” David did not say anything about the failure of the God of War, but just explained.
“That’s good!” Admiral Francis did not doubt David’s words, and David did not need to deceive in this matter.
Admiral Francis just sighed in his heart about the power of the gods. Just a confrontation in space caused a lot of losses to his fleet. If the gods really attacked, his fleet might not even be qualified to resist.
At the space door, the thick leg lightly touched a level 5 zerg, and the body of the level 5 zerg suddenly trembled.
/Then the shell of the fifth-level Zerg exploded. Strangely, the fifth-level Zerg did not feel any pain, but was extremely excited, as if it was a supreme honor to be chosen.
A strange pattern appeared on the broken body of the fifth-level insect race. The golden pattern on the insect body that had lost its outer shell looked particularly dazzling against the green insect blood.
After the thick limbs finished doing this, they slowly retreated from the space door.
As a god, this god-level Zerg forced himself into another world and was greatly suppressed by the rules of the world. Relying on his powerful divine body, he withstood the suppression, defeated the God of War, and carried out what he just said. Operations, these consume a lot of energy, and you must return to the Zerg world to recover.
As the thick legs disappeared from the space gate, countless Zerg swarmed in. As soon as these low-level Zerg came out of the space gate, they were attracted by the golden patterns on the bodies of the fifth-level Zerg and rushed towards the golden patterns involuntarily.
Every Zerg that comes close to the golden pattern will have its body collapse after getting close, and its flesh and blood will be absorbed by the golden pattern and transformed into new flesh and blood.
/After all the flesh and blood body of a level three Zerg has been transformed with golden patterns, only a very small amount of flesh and blood tissue is added to the body of a level five Zerg.
However, there were too many low-level Zerg species. Hundreds of thousands of Zerg species poured out, causing more and more flesh and blood to be transformed into golden patterns. The bodies of the fifth-level Zerg species continued to grow.
The golden pattern not only transforms flesh and blood, the Zerg soul that ordinary people cannot see is also transformed i