rection was good, there would be no problem in going faster in space.

This is why he flew into space as soon as he felt his condition.
/Since the ‘Emperor Level Heritage Pattern’ requires the power of faith to operate, and he can accommodate the ‘dead space’ of legendary level strength, the power of faith cannot enter, which makes him can only enter space to avoid causing harm to the surroundings.
Just as David thought, every burst of breath around him had a power of level five, which was not something the federal command could withstand.
David kept flying forward until he was five hundred kilometers away from the rear fleet, and then he stopped.
He activated the artifact ‘Dark Shadow’ on his body, and his figure disappeared into space. The ‘shadow space’ would not affect his absorption of the power of faith.
David did this so that his subsequent promotion process would not be broadcast live by the Interstellar Federation military. Once the promotion to the legendary level was spread, it may have unpredictable consequences.
In the world of gods, the legendary level has been a taboo for a long time. Except for a very small number of top nobles, it is rarely mentioned. There are even a few people who know about the legendary level.
Before David made clear the attitude of the five major temples towards the legendary level, he did not want to expose his becoming a legendary level.
/He kept pouring the nutrient solution into his mouth. In a short period of time, he had drank more than 100 kilograms of the nutrient solution.
The black dragon Alexis carefully checked David’s status. This speed of improvement seemed incredible to the black dragon Alexis.
He was worried about the adverse effects such a rapid improvement would have on David’s body, but in his perception, David’s physical condition was still within control until now.
For any other world, this approach would be a huge waste of the power of faith.
The most important thing is that the power of faith in other worlds is not so easy to transfer. Believers cannot be allowed to believe in this god today and another god tomorrow. How can they ensure the piety of their faith? Without pious faith, where can there be faith? Power.
David’s body made a sound, the sound of his blood flowing in his veins, the oscillation of his muscles tensing and relaxing, these sounds came together to form a glorious symphony of life.
This is space and sound cannot be transmitted, so only David and the black dragon Alexis can hear the sound.
Hearing this voice, the black dragon Alexis’s eyes filled with joy. This voice represented that David’s physique had reached its current limit, the true peak of level five.
In this short period of time, David crossed the fifth level and directly reached the fifth level peak. His soul had already reached the legendary level. In addition, he now changed to practice the ‘Black Dragon Sleep’, and the legend in front of him Steps are not obstacles.
Inexplicably, David felt a burst of joy in his body, and felt that his body was closer to the wo