to Duke Arthur, and they can’t live there. Will not feel at ease.

Therefore, the twenty-four fifth-level Templars must have their own tents, service servants, vigilant knights, etc.
Later, a large number of low-level knights will come, which will require logistical support and consume a lot of supplies.
Before the planet-level portal was cracked, this temporary portal was still very busy.
/Two energy clones of fifth-level Templars stood in front of the temporary portal. Their mission was to ensure that Duke Arthur would not leave from the temporary portal.
Of course, the two energy clones of the fifth-level Templars would not believe that anyone could secretly use the temporary portal to leave under their noses.
But the fact is that David rode the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’ to the temporary portal, entered the temporary portal mentally, and used the ability of the ‘Alchemist Master’ to easily add his permissions to the permissions.
Then something unexpected happened. David saw that this temporary portal was actually connected to the main planets of all the top nobles except Speaker Abe’s Litton family.
In fact, this is not a surprise. There are a total of twenty-three top nobles, and Speaker Abe’s supplies were provided by the Mather family.
The twenty-two top nobles all prepared corresponding resources from their respective families and prepared to send them in batches. Naturally, they needed to establish a fixed connection with the temporary portal.
On the Garmis side, twenty-two top-level nobles and fifth-level Templars can authorize the portals to connect to their respective families. This resulted in this inconspicuous temporary portal, which almost connects twenty-two people in all directions. The main star of two top nobles.
This temporary portal is the permission given for this operation, so during the operation, even if the Garmistar planet-level portal cracks the permissions, the temporary portal will be a backup portal and will always maintain the default allowed transmission. state.
David had always wanted to obtain the qualification to teleport to these planets, but now they all appeared in front of him, leaving him at a loss as to how to choose.
In the end, he gave priority to the Mather family. He still remembered the dead Knight Andrew, Euphemia and Butler Albin.
Amidst the constant flickering of the busy temporary portal, a flash of light suddenly appeared, but this did not attract the attention of the two fifth-level Templar energy clones.
The ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’ remained invisible and did not attract anyone’s attention when it appeared. No one knew that someone had just used the portal.
David chose Mather, the main star of the Mather family.
The reason why the top nobles chose the main star as the planet to deliver materials is to keep it secret. Once it is known by the new forces headed by Lord Gould, subsequent trouble will come.
The top nobles believe that as long as the Garmi star is blocked, they can slowly find Duke Arthur. In terms of combat power, they are confident that a