d-level healing potion, does this count?” David thought, took out an alchemy potion bottle from the space pendant and threw it at the black dragon Alexis and asked.

This alchemy potion bottle is naturally the immortal vitality that David prepared for cooking before. Although it is not much, cooking uses less, and this bottle is enough for him to use for a long time.
/The black dragon Alexis’s body is very huge, and the small alchemy bottle cannot be caught with the dragon’s claws. Besides, the black dragon Alexis’s body was seriously injured at this time, and he did not have the strength to make big movements.
The black dragon Alexis is not desperate at this time. If he is desperate to escape from here at this time, he can pay a certain price to forcibly stimulate the body’s potential, so that he can have a certain ability to move even when he is seriously injured.
The black dragon Alexis used his spirit to catch the alchemy potion bottle. When his spirit opened the alchemy potion bottle, his huge eyes were full of surprises.
“Immortal vitality!” The black dragon Alexis couldn’t wait to pour a bottle of ‘immortal vitality’ into his mouth.
Regarding physical injuries, the black dragon Alexis is more concerned about the injuries eroded within his body. The injuries to his vital organs are the main reason why he cannot recover quickly.
It’s a pity that although the ‘Immortal Vitality’ is good, compared to the huge body of the black dragon Alexis, this small bottle of ‘Immortal Vitality’ is really too little.
“Do you still have ‘immortal vitality’?” Black Dragon Alexis looked at David with expectant eyes and asked.
To be honest, the black dragon Alexis himself did not believe that David still had ‘immortal vitality’, which was also very rare in the age of dragons.
It is difficult for gods to be injured, but if they are injured, it is extremely serious. In addition to their own slow recovery, there are only a few ways to speed up recovery.
God-level healing potions are a method that the gods always prepare, but the problem is that god-level healing potions are difficult to obtain, and the gods need to pay huge profits to redeem them from some gods who can produce god-level healing potions.
‘Immortal Vitality’ is one of the top god-level healing potions. It has no side effects. As long as a sufficient amount of ‘Immortal Vitality’ is accumulated, all injuries can be treated.
“Black Dragon Alexis, you signed a master-servant contract with me, but this does not mean that I, the master, will pay for it for free!” David said solemnly.
Until now, the black dragon Alexis has not asked David’s name, and has never meant to ask. It can be seen that although the black dragon Alexis’s attitude shows respect due to the constraints of the master-servant contract, this is just It was just an appearance. From the fact that he didn’t ask his name, it was clear that He didn’t pay much attention to David at all.
“I’m sorry, I have dragon language knowledge here, please accept it!” Although the black dragon Alexis didn’t have a