s his greatest enjoyment.

Especially today, Little Bowater, a fourth-level evil god believer, saw the dragon showing pain many times, which made him even more excited and excited.
Just as the divine light in the eyes of little Bowwater’s fourth-level evil god believer flickered, he suddenly felt that the air around him had solidified.
His chant was forced into his stomach, and then his body seemed to be grasped by a big hand, with huge force squeezing inward from outside his body.
The fourth-level believer of Little Bowater wanted to call for help, but all the companions in sight were controlled by some kind of force just like him.
David did not give the fourth-level evil god believers any chance to counterattack. He used the mental crushing method. With a spirit that was as strong as the fourth-level sky knight, he attacked the fourth-level evil god believers whose physical defenses were not as good as the fourth-level sky knights. It’s very relaxing.
Not to mention that these thirty-six level four evil god believers were all immersed in chanting and did not put up any defense at all.
The sound of bones breaking was heard in the cave, and the thirty-six level four evil god believers did not know who killed them until they died.
Shadow Attendant flew out and absorbed all the souls.
The black dragon Alexis obviously discovered the existence of Shadow Attendant, but he was smart enough not to ask.
All the fourth-level evil god believers died, and the chanting was forcibly ended. The alchemy circle that lost the chanting returned to calm, and the five hundred souls that were madly biting the black dragon Alexis also stopped moving.
Shadow Warrior has no interest in this kind of polluted soul. It is estimated that the consumption of cleaning up the pollution of this kind of ordinary human soul is more than the soul energy gained.
The ‘Shadow Pteranodon’ released its ‘invisibility’ when David launched the attack, but all the evil god believers, including Little Bowwater’s fourth-level evil god believer, were under attack and did not notice David’s existence.
David’s figure flashed and came to the black dragon Alexis. The next thing he had to deal with was these six chains.
“Be careful, this chain is a high-level artifact!” the black dragon Alexis reminded through the soul connection of the ‘Shadow Winged Dragon’.
/Now the black dragon Alexis’ mood is extremely complicated. On the one hand, he has hope of getting out of trouble, and the hope is very high, but on the other hand, he is about to sign a master-servant contract.
After signing a master-servant contract, the black dragon Alexis’s every move was controlled by David until he could not forcibly break the master-servant contract.
As a giant dragon with combat power comparable to that of gods, he has to become a servant of humans. Although he is a fifth-level human, this is enough to make the black dragon Alexis feel embarrassed.
Fortunately, it only takes a few hundred years to get rid of the restrictions of the master-servant contract.
Even if Davi