“Duke Arthur, we will guide you!” McCracken walked over quickly and said as soon as he walked out of the embassy.

McCracken’s extraordinary mission is not to let Duke Arthur act alone. This is not to protect Duke Arthur, but to protect the residents of the Origin Star.
“Excuse me!” David said with a smile.
David did not take a hover car. After meeting with Generalissimo Andre, he was about to leave the Origin Star and return to the divine world. This was the last time he enjoyed the atmosphere of the Federation.
He didn’t know how long it would take for him to come back next time. It was estimated that he might come back after he became a fifth-level Templar.
/McCracken was a small step behind David. Twelve military soldiers guarded David, forming a security area.
David looked at a young couple feeding each other food on the street, and he couldn’t help but feel emotional.
If he had not gone to the Battle Star, maybe he would have lived his own happy life just like this young couple.
As his strength grew, David knew that such days were gone forever. Look now, he was walking on the street as Duke Arthur, with so many military soldiers guarding him.
If he walked the streets as David, the military probably wouldn’t do anything to him, but the government would definitely ask him to assist in the investigation through the police.
When it comes to the assassination of the former president, the government needs to investigate all possible targets even if it is to save face, not to mention that he is the biggest suspect.
“Honorable Duke Arthur, Marshal Andre is waiting for you on the second floor!” Adjutant Jekyll stood at the door waiting for David. When he saw David, he immediately stepped forward to greet him.
David looked at the building in front of him. It was a two-story building. Although it was located in the most prosperous business district of Origin Star, it seemed extremely inconspicuous.
Walking into the small building, there were no guests here. It must have been reserved by Generalissimo Andre.
Marshal Andre was alone on the second floor, and none of his extraordinary bodyguards were in the building.
David habitually used Shadow Guard to check around and found that all four extraordinary guards were staying outside the small building.
“Generalissimo Andre, it’s nice here!” David said with a smile and sat down.
Although the layout here is old, it is full of historical atmosphere. These tables and chairs are hundreds of years old. This kind of atmosphere in such prosperity can be regarded as an outlier.
“Of course, the chef here is a master of cooking!” Marshal Andre was saying when an old man wearing a chef’s uniform came from the stairs.
“Duke Arthur, this is Grandmaster Bunyan. I specially asked Grandmaster Bunyan to cook on site. Please taste the delicacies of the Federation!” Grand Marshal Andre introduced.
David looked at Grandmaster Bunyan curiously. Grandmaster Bunyan’s spirit was very strong, reaching nearly 5 points, which was extremely rare in the Interstellar Federation.
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