, bowed and said, and Anselm, the fifth-level Templar beside him, followed suit and bowed. .

David was also surprised when he saw the two fifth-level Templars. The two fifth-level Templars actually came in their own bodies and did not use safer energy clones.
From this, we can see the sincerity of the two fifth-level Templars, which also made David certain in his heart the authenticity of what the other party said.
“Do the two Templars recognize my flying mount?” David was pleasantly surprised. You must know that when the Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin saw the little guy just now, he just regarded the little guy as a pet and did not recognize him. Flying mount, and judging from the performance of the two fifth-level Templars, they recognized the little guy.
David naturally knew what Armand, the fifth-level Templar, meant. He probably wanted to say something that he did not want Minister Gershwin to know. He also guessed what Armand, the fifth-level Templar, wanted to say.
“It doesn’t matter, Gershwin and I are good friends!” David said with a smile.
/A look of curiosity flashed in the eyes of Gershwin, Minister of Noble Affairs, and he couldn’t help but laugh when he heard David’s words.
Armand, the fifth-level Templar, still waved his hand to consume some of his bloodline power, and placed a layer of bloodline power shield around the room.
This bloodline power shield is extremely thin, of course it is not for defense, it is just to prevent someone from eavesdropping.
In fact, there are two fifth-level Templars here, plus David’s strong spirit. If anyone had eavesdropped, they would have been discovered by the three of them. However, Armand’s fifth-level Templar’s actions reflect They took this matter seriously and made their attitude clear.
“Duke Arthur, your flying mount should have come from the Dennis family. The Dennis family got a black flying mount egg from the ritual of sacrificing to the evil god. Except for the top brass of the Dennis family, only a few of us know this news. The Templars knew.
The Black Flying Mount Egg has been tried by many fourth-level sky knights in the Dennis family, but none of them were able to sign a life-sharing contract. I didn’t expect that you succeeded! “Armand, a fifth-level Templar knight, explained.
The eyes of Gershwin, the minister of noble affairs, widened. He looked at David and then at the two fifth-level Templars.
Previously, Gershwin, Minister of Noble Affairs, had guessed that David might have wiped out the Dennis family, but he knew the details of David. In just one year, a large aristocratic family with a fifth-level Templar, together with The fifth-level Templars were wiped out together. This is unbelievable!
Just look at the expressions on the faces of David and the two fifth-level Templars, and then look at the dark and ugly little guy, all of this is real.
/“Then do you know what breed this little guy is?” David was extremely curious about the little guy’s species and asked.
Armand, the fifth-level Templar, had a smile on his face. Although he