ht to the cafeteria.

He had noted before that today’s limited offering was foie gras pan-seared in red wine, served with apple slices and butter-soaked bread.
After getting the food, Klein carried the plate and walked to the table where Talim was. At this moment, in addition to Talim, there was another acquaintance of his who also served as a guarantee and introduced him to the club. Surgeon Alan Kress.
As soon as he placed the dinner plate and before he could sit down, Klein suddenly noticed a cane leaning against the famous surgeon’s chair.
“Alan, what’s wrong?” he asked with concern.
/Allen, who is tall, thin, cold-looking, and wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, patted his right leg and said:
“No, don’t mention it. This is really unlucky. I fell down the stairs and suffered a serious bone fracture. I had to wear a plaster to fix it.”
“It’s really unlucky.” Klein sighed in agreement, cut a piece of foie gras, dipped it in the juice and stuffed it into his mouth. The feeling of melting as soon as it touched made the aroma of fat continue to expand, stimulating every move. Taste buds.
“I’ve been unlucky for a long time.” Allen raised his hand to push the frame of the mirror and rubbed his forehead.
He then looked at Klein, then at Talim, and asked hesitantly:
“Mr. Moriarty, have you, have you?”
“What?” Klein raised his head and asked.
Allen lowered his voice and said:
“You are a well-known detective. You should know many people.”
“It’s okay.” Klein said perfunctorily without understanding what the other party meant.
Allen looked at Talim again, took a breath and said:
“Do you know anyone like a village witch doctor? No, I mean, a fortune teller or occult enthusiast with some ability. I think, I think, my recent bad luck is too abnormal.”
“I know that those are probably fake and deceptive, but I can’t find any other way to get rid of the bad luck. I tried going to church to pray, donate, and attend mass, but nothing worked.”
As a diviner or occult enthusiast with some skills, you seem to be talking about me. Klein thought:
“Ellen, please tell me in detail what happened to you.”
Talim next to him also nodded:
“Don’t worry. Although I am a believer in the Lord, I do not reject occult things.”
Allen sighed in distress:
“There are many, many things, such as mistakes during surgery, a steam train accident while traveling, finding a thief when I got home, going to the hospital and falling down the stairs. Do you think someone was cursing me?”
Well, Klein frowned slightly when he heard Allen mention something similar before.
As a former Nighthawk, he could easily associate a sealed object from this description:
Ragdoll of Doom
He turned on his spiritual vision for similar items and asked seriously:
“Alan, think about it carefully. Before those unlucky things happened one after another, did you or your family, well, did your family also encounter unlucky things?”
Klein originally wanted to ask whether Allen or his family had brought any more unusual items home, such as a slightly dirty doll, be