the white light range of the space teleportation, the three sky knights could not deal with him and could only watch him leave.

David’s thoughts were good. At this time, he just wanted to leave this dangerous place quickly.
“Close the portal, cut off the energy!” At this time, he heard Maynard Sky Knight giving the order.
Then David sensed that the energy fluctuations of the medium-sized portal above slowly calmed down, and finally the energy fluctuations completely disappeared.
This made him feel helpless. He looked at the three Sky Knights in the sky through Shadow Attendant, with murderous intent flashing in his eyes.
The other party was determined to find him and then open the portal. He could only get rid of all the troubles before he could leave here.
Thinking of this, David used ‘underground stealth’ to move towards the nearby castle building.
David likes the Great World of God because the isolation materials used for safety in the castle’s underground here are all rocks. Under the influence of the ‘underground stealth’ ability, no matter what kind of rock it is, the passage can be easily separated.
This makes it not as difficult for him to get through underground as it is in the Interstellar Federation, and it is very easy for him to enter the interior of the castle.
Just as David approached the castle, the shadow attendant who stayed above to observe saw five groups of knights converging towards the square. He couldn’t help but stop and wanted to know the number of knights here.
/“Your Majesty, all the knights have gathered!” David saw a group of knights lining up neatly and reporting to an old man in armor.
David didn’t know the earl, but when he heard the earl’s title, he knew that the old man was the owner of this place.
It’s easy to tell where this place is, because the flag hanging on the outer wall of the castle is the coat of arms of the nobles here.
The noble heraldry here does not use blood-related patterns, but a hammer and two swords, which is a very special heraldry.
“The Barry family, their main castle is on the planet Harker, and their family mainly deals in high-grade equipment!” David’s mind immediately thought of the relevant information about the coat of arms.
Although the information was not much, it was enough for him to determine which planet he was on.
David then focused his attention on the knights who were gathering. The knights were divided into five groups, each group had six official knights and an earth knight captain.
These are five earth knights and thirty official knights, plus the earl of earth knights in armor. The combat power of this knight alone is enough to withstand an interstellar federation army of ten thousand people.
Even if the two meet on the ground, the victory is estimated to be by a smaller number of knights.
David was extremely surprised by the strong background of the Barry family.
“All the knights will work in small groups and search every corner of the square. After discovering the target, as long as you delay for a while, three sky knigh