mire him very much.”

He paused and asked: “How long will it take for the existence of the Supreme Realm to be completely transformed?”
Xu Ying speculated: “About several million years.”
The Holy Lord’s eyes flashed and he said: “It will take millions of years for the Supreme Being to transform, so it will probably take even longer for me to transform. It is not advisable to transform directly. Promise, please pass on your understanding of the theory to me.” .”
Xu Ying readily agreed and said, “Okay! However, isn’t the Holy Lord worried about me passing on false doctrines to you?”
The Holy Lord glanced at him and said calmly: “You have seen my Taoism. Do you think I will care whether it is a fax or a fake?”
With the Holy Lord’s vision and knowledge, if what Xu Ying passed on to him was a false theory, he would quickly recognize it.
Xu Ying thought for a while and said, “If the theory I passed on to you were seven truths and three falsehoods, would you still be able to tell them apart?”
The Holy Lord frowned slightly, it was difficult to distinguish between seven truths and three falsehoods.
“What if nine are real and one is fake?” Xu Ying asked again.
The Holy Lord frowned even more tightly.
Xu Ying said: “I will first tell you the truth, mixed with one or two falsehoods, then I will tell you seven points true and three points false, and then I will tell you nine points true and one point false. Can you still tell the difference? If I tell you Yours is all real, but there are one or two loopholes hidden in it that you are not easily aware of, waiting to harvest your leeks.”
The veins on the Holy Lord’s forehead were beating wildly, and he suppressed his anxiety and said, “I don’t need you to teach me the structure of theory. You only need to tell me how you understand the structure of theory.”
Xu Ying said quickly: “Holy Lord, I was just joking. If Holy Lord wants to learn, I will teach you everything I have. I dare not hide anything.”
The Holy Lord shook his head and said: “Even if you truly teach me, I wouldn’t dare to learn from you. It’s better to teach people how to fish than to teach them how to fish. You just need to tell me how you came to enlightenment.”
Xu Ying said seriously: “If you want to learn the structure of theory, you need to first learn Taiyi Enlightenment and own a green rock carving.”
The Holy Lord nodded slightly: “I have all of these.”
Xu Ying said: “The next step is to go to the human world and find the Shiquan Dao Gate.”
The Holy Lord asked doubtfully: “Shiquan Dao Sect?”
The Holy Lord looked at him deeply and said, “You are quite powerful in the human world.”
Xu Ying lowered his head and wrote a book, saying: “Whether it is the earthly immortal world, the human world, or the future heavenly immortal world, they are all in the pocket of the Holy Lord. The disciples just entered the human world earlier.”
/He took out pen, ink, paper and inkstone and quickly wrote a letter. In the letter, he told Old Man Jing Ming and Prince Ming that the Holy Lord was extremely