s body, and the void exploded in an instant, like a blood shadow bombarding Zhang Fu.

Zhang Fu had a smile on his face, but the energy of a dragon and a snake appeared all over his body.
Qi and blood rushed straight into the sky, and in an instant, a hand lightly held the blazing Grandmaster Qi Jin bombarded by Zhao Qingshan.
His body remained motionless, but the fiery blood energy lingered around him, as if a dragon and python were rising high and tightly entangled in Zhao Qingshan.
Countless spiritual ideas from heaven and earth in the void were also involved, suppressing the void.
“The resonance between heaven and man, the general between heaven and man?”
Zhao Qingshan’s expression changed when he saw this situation.
But in an instant Zhang Fu removed his palm and let go of Zhao Qingshan.
Zhao Qingshan looked solemn, glanced at Zhang Fu, and said in a deep voice.
/“What do you mean by your words?”
Zhang Fu put his palms behind his back. He felt some numbness in the palm of his hand and was a little surprised in his heart.
He has been practicing with Zhang Jian for nearly ten years, and has acquired a vast amount of martial arts. There are countless exquisite martial arts, but he has never encountered such a profound martial arts.
It’s like cultivating an indestructible body.
Some celestial warriors who practice body training may not have such a powerful vajra body.
Zhang Fu’s eyes were slightly startled, and he said calmly:
“General Zhao, what you got is not a disease, but a great opportunity. Did you get an iron order made of cold iron when you were young?
You discovered an excellent technique in the Iron Order, and used it to cultivate your body’s magnificent energy and blood, as well as your indestructible body! ”
There was a slight smile on Zhang Fu’s lips.
Zhao Qingshan looked stunned, then sneered: “Nonsense?”
But the five fingers behind his back were clenched tightly. This was the deepest secret in his heart.
There was murderous intent in his eyes!
Zhang Fu smiled and said: “No need to deny it, what I want to know is not difficult!”
He glanced at Zhao Qingshan and said with a smile: “You don’t need to guess, that iron order is not a demonic thing, but a foundation-building chapter of an ancient magic formula. If you have completed the foundation-building chapter, you will be able to inspire the iron order.” The inheritance within!
However, the conditions for this kind of inheritance are harsh, and over time, some core forbidden methods are damaged. Although you have successfully practiced the body refining method, it is no longer enough to obtain the core inheritance inside. It can only absorb your energy and spirit for a long time. As a supplement, when the time is right, the inheritance of Taoism will be reopened.”
Zhao Qingshan glanced at Zhang Fu, his eyes flashing sharply.
What the other party said was indeed in line with his current situation.
He wanted to ask, but he still had doubts in his heart!
Zhang Fu shook his head when he heard this.
“The general is right to

Thunder were still missing, and no one asked. Han Chuxue was in a strange state, but Wang Meng was already mentally prepared. Zhang Yang was celebrating with Ni Yong and Zhan Yingluo outside. They were drinking and drinking. There were already people outside. There was only one protagonist, Lao Ma, so Wang Zhenren was driven away.

Opposite Wang Meng at this time was Han Chuxue. Since her awakening, Han Chuxue had been busy with her own affairs. Wang Meng did not interfere, but he could feel something.
Han Chuxue looked at Wang Meng. In this world, the loneliest holy body should be the Nine Heavens. He could escape reincarnation, but he had to pay a price. He would be a passerby in any world until the end.
But she doesn’t know when it will end.
Meeting Wang Meng is the luck of the Holy Body of the Nine Heavens. On this road of reincarnation, there will be no loneliness.
“Wang Meng, the first dojo is over, I’m going to take the first step.” Han Chuxue smiled slightly, and now she had more of a mortal aura.
Wang Meng nodded, “I can feel it, but your cultivation level is not there yet, right?”
Han Chuxue sighed slightly, “There’s nothing we can do about it. Just like before, once the memory of the Nine Heavens Physique awakens, it won’t be able to stay and will have to enter reincarnation again. I don’t know.”
Wang Meng’s eyes burned brightly, “Don’t you think you can control it?”
/“Yes, not only can I not control reincarnation, I can’t even control my destination. My next stop may be the Great Thousand World, or it may not be.”
Wang Meng frowned, “You were obviously well prepared when you were in Xiaoqianjie, why?”
Suddenly Wang Meng realized the problem, “Is it because my wine woke you up in advance and prevented your cultivation from reaching its strongest state?”
Han Chuxue smiled slightly, “One drink and one peck have their own destiny. In fact, I am very happy. I even experienced an unprecedented feeling. It is very wonderful and touching.”
Han Chuxue looked at Wang Meng with tenderness in her eyes. She knew that Wang Meng would understand how she felt.
For the two of them, this is just an experience, and nothing will necessarily happen.
“Don’t worry about me. Everyone is destined to have something to do. It’s good to seize it now. It’s just a pity that I can’t see your world.”
Han Chuxue is very calm. With insufficient cultivation, she cannot control her destiny and does not know what the future will be like. The weak Nine Heavens Saint Body is also facing many crises. Han Chuxue has traveled through two worlds. It is really not easy. .
“I don’t know what fate is, but there is a way that can make up for your cultivation level, and it will also suit you very well. We will definitely meet again in the Great Thousand Realms!”
Wang Meng said.
“Sea of ??Lost, the reincarnation ability of the Holy Body of the Nine Heavens is essentially within the scope of the law of time. Are you interested in challenging it together?”
Wang Meng laughed.
Han Chuxue thought for a moment, that look was indeed


Meng Ningzi was stunned. She thought Wang Meng had forgotten about her. As a result, everyone around her looked at the small box, but Meng Ningzi had no intention of opening it.
This is a very ordinary box, but Meng Ningzi has never opened it in her life. No one understands why she is like this.
Great Thousand Worlds
For this place, Wang Meng is both unfamiliar and familiar, and nostalgic for a long time. Many of his memories come from Mo Shan. After all, he has been looking forward to coming here one day since he was a child, but the life here cannot be compared with the church. So, It’s deep into the bone marrow
With Wang Meng becoming a god, the Great Thousand Realm is actually a place where the weak eat the strong. The rules of the Holy Temple are the rules of the Great Thousand Realm. Hu Jing and Zhang Xiaojiang are the strongest in the Holy Temple, so there is no problem at all.
The existence of Hua Jianyu also played a certain role. The spirit of the temple was not destroyed, but both Wang Meng and Mingren were too terrifying, frightening many monks. Thinking about the siege of the temple, they were very scared. The current strength of the Holy Church will level the world, and Hua Jianyu knows Wang Meng and the Holy Church. This is why he asked Hua Qingping to make the decision in the first place. Now is the time to reap the rewards.
Hua Qingping, as the first among the traditional powers in the Great Thousand Realm, showed his favor to the Holy Church, which also caused a chain reaction and laid the foundation for the stable development behind the Holy Church.
The Holy Church is compatible with various forces. Gradually, more monks are pouring into the Holy Church. Of course, there are more challenges in the Great Thousand Realm. The development of the Holy Church is slower than that of the Middle Thousand Realm and Small Thousand Realm. Hu Jing and the others still need more More learning and waiting
On the last journey to the Great Thousand World, the only person to see him off is Hu Jing
This is probably the person who understands him best in the world.
No one knew what the two said or did. In the end, Wang Meng left without any worries because he believed that it would be okay to leave everything to Hu Jing.
Brothers are all living a good life. There will definitely be various challenges in the future, but this is the beauty of life.
The last thing is also Wang Meng’s last wish
his lifelong rival and friend
The time for reincarnation has come
Akito, what is your choice?
Wang Meng believes that if he can do it, Ming people will also be able to do it!
Mortal world, remote countryside
Huge laughter came from a very ordinary family. The house was small and simple, but very warm. For such an ordinary family, what could be happier than the birth of a son?
/“Dad, why doesn’t this kid have hair?”
“The kid will have it when he grows up.”
“Our child is so handsome and will definitely become a big shot in the future!”
“That’s right, my Shi Ergou’s son will become a great man. The fortune

and watched helplessly as the mace concentrated on his abdomen.

Ni Xiong rolled out. Chihou jumped up and came to him. The mace slammed into the head of the four-armed and golden-eyed Ni Xiong.
The dust swept away by the wind pressure flew into the air, and the mace stopped in front of Ni Xiong’s eyes. Both spiritual beasts panted heavily.
Both sides were frozen.
With a flash of light, Ren Dongliu entered the leaning state.
Ma Tianer was even more skilled than him. Not only could she bend down, but she could also use spells.
The whole change happened in just a blink of an eye. Ma Tianer was about to lose. How could it happen in such a blink of an eye?
In fact, it was not that Ren Dongliu was incapable of fighting, but neither he nor Ma Tian’er had a fighting spirit. After seeing Ma Tian’er and letting Chihou use his magic, Ren Dongliu lost his will to fight.
At this moment, time seems to have stopped, and people are just waiting for a voice.
“Lei Guangtang wins.”
Why couldn’t Yu Lingzi’s voice rise louder? He originally thought that this scene was a sure thing and should be the least suspenseful.
“I, I, I heard it right, our Lei Guang Tang won. Damn it, our Lei Guang Tang won, hahaha”
“We won, we won, Lei Guangtang will win!”
Except for Lei Guangtang who cheered, everyone was stunned, and even their minds were a little confused. Is this true?
It seems a bit like a dream, so unreal, why did you lose in a daze?
Is this still Lei Guangtang? ? ?
The disciples of the Lei Guang Hall no longer care about that and are celebrating crazily. No matter whether this is the Beast Taming Hall or the Beast Hall, no one can stop their celebration.
Yao Yuan and Fang Luffy were even more stunned, “What’s going on?”
“I don’t know. I just won by fooling around like that.”
“Do you think they will continue?”
“I don’t know, but I do hope to fight them.”
“Haha, let’s wait and see.”
Zhang Liang wrote excitedly, he wanted to spread the news as quickly as possible.
This is a miracle!
A victory of will, a victory of fighting for dreams and dignity!
Never underestimate a brave heart!
Wang Meng is that fierce tiger, and he makes a group of sheep possess the bravery of tigers.
Unfortunately, some of these sheep are really just guys wearing sheep’s clothing, but they have been wearing sheep’s clothing for so long that they forget who they are.
Even if Lei Guangtang stops here, it’s still worth it.
Lei Guangtang——Must win!
Lei Guangtang——Must win!
/Those Lei Guangtang disciples who had suppressed their emotions finally vented their passion unscrupulously.
Old disciples like Chen Haiguang and He Ziyuan are even more forgetful. No matter what miracles they achieve in alchemy forging, they are all foreign objects. As practitioners, we must fight!
Only victory can wash away shame and restore dignity.
The light shines on the disciples of Lei Guangtang, and those who are lonely are the losers. From now on, Lei Guangtang has truly embarked on the road to recovery.
The next question is, will they choose to

don’t blame me for ignoring the friendship between my fellow apprentices!”

Tang Wei made a splash.
/Every disciple of Hengshan Hall knows that this is no longer as simple as winning or losing. If Hengshan Hall loses, it will be completely nailed to the pillar of shame in the history of the church and become a footnote to Lei Guang Hall forever.
That year, that day, Leiguangtang defeated Hengshantang and created a new history in the Holy Hall Competition.
As the eldest brother of Hengshan Hall, he couldn’t help but get hairy when he thought of this Tang Wei, so he recruited all the real masters of Hengshan Hall back.
/No matter how hard he tried to be exposed, Lei Guangtang would never be able to take advantage of him.
Li Xiuwen’s Furnace Sword Peak.
“Disciple pays homage to the Patriarch.” An elder sword cultivator knelt down on one knee.
Li Xiuwen nodded, “Daoming, thank you for your hard work. Is there any result?”
“Grandmaster, your concern is right. The recent disappearance of the disciples and the failure of their training are not accidental, but someone did it deliberately!”
Li Daoming said in a deep voice, in recent years, the casualty rate of Templar disciples practicing outside has increased by 30%. At first, it was just a coincidence. After all, it is normal to encounter danger when going out for training. 30% is not a particularly large number, but it has been increasing for several consecutive years. So stable, and strangely, the disciples who died were neither particularly outstanding, nor bad, on the contrary, they were all backbone.
In fact, there have been no special changes over the years.
In-depth investigation revealed that some of the tasks were known to be ambush. The disciples may have completed the tasks, but were intercepted halfway by someone from a certain force and were unable to recover.
It is normal for demonic cultivators and holy cultivators to have disputes, but in the current situation, it is obvious that some force is targeting the temple.
“Do you know who it is?”
“Looking at it now, the most likely person is the Ten Thousand Demons Sect!” Li Daoming said, “It’s a pity that there is no evidence. No matter who that person is, it is no small matter that he can hide in the temple for so long.”
“The traitor is probably a disciple. It is impossible for the elders to interfere too much in the affairs of the disciples in each branch. It is too conspicuous.”
“If it’s a disciple, the scope is too broad.
“If he can master such information, his status among the disciples will not be low.”
Li Xiuwen and Li Daoming were obviously aware of the seriousness of the problem. The enemy’s move was ruthless enough to drain the fire from the bottom of the cauldron.
“What do you think?”
“The top disciples in each branch, including those who can participate in the competition, are all suspects, and this person must have extensive connections. It is easy to obtain information. If these conditions are met, the scope will be much smaller.”
Li Daoming said that although the nine branches a

r, Pindao means, just in case, you go first.”

The corners of Gu Zongchen’s eyes twitched, and he said the same thing, what a good emperor, but it’s a pity that he has a mouth.
Lu Dong: What does it have to do with the mouth? It’s the heart. His heart is black.
Lu Dongyan’s words were unreasonable and had some personal grudges. Gu Zongchen just pretended not to hear them and suppressed them with his backhand, urging him to take a lesson and stop talking nonsense in the future.
The demon realm is the lower realm, which can also be said to be the cultivating demon realm. The demon clan, the creation of the first generation of demon lords, lives on this land. Because of a certain Great Heavenly Lord, the demon clan has become a thing of the past and has completely ceased to exist.
The current demons are the creations of Lu Nan’s creation. They were born with cultivation, but they have also lost the possibility of cultivation. They are more like pathetic walking corpses than living beings.
Billions of red eyes bloomed with blood, smelling the breath of the outside world. Continuous black shadows covered the sky and the sun, and black people rushed towards this place.
Gu Zongchen was kind-hearted, raised his fingers to the sky, swept his sleeves and robes and swept them all away.
“Can we cross?” Lu Beiqi asked.
“Do your best.”
“Then work harder and chant more sutras from now on.”
Lu Bei looked at the sky. The phantom of the black sun was the projection of the Heavenly Demon Realm. The main body was not in this realm. The upward passage was once again blocked by Lu Nan, making it difficult to find the direction.
/“As expected of you, you are cautious every step of the way, but how long can these little time-delaying tricks last?”
Lu Bei murmured, closing his eyes to sense the changes in the three realms. After confirming that there were no changes, he raised his hand to invite: “Senior Brother Hueying, today is the auspicious day to establish a sect. Our Western sect can take root in the Demon Realm. Time waits for no one, so don’t delay. Good times.”
“Junior brother, please help me.” Gu Zongchen clasped his hands together.
Lu Bei followed suit, and the two stood together and jointly summoned the phantom of the Western Paradise.
The immeasurable golden light spreads vertically and horizontally, flattening the darkness wherever it passes, reshaping the green water and green mountains, the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers. Falseness and reality overlap, and the concept of Buddha slowly grows.
The false spiritual mountain uses the demonic soil to shape its true body, and all Buddhist cultivators in the three thousand worlds can sense it. Even Ksitigarbha in the underworld has his hands clasped together at this moment.
The black spiritual mountain turned into reality, Ksitigarbha’s cultivation realm broke through his own bottleneck, and he did not need the divine power from the Emperor of Heaven to reach the pinnacle of Taiyi Golden Immortal.
At the same time, there was also the Great Li

ion. Formation is no trivial matter and cannot be learned by outsiders.

After a long time, the corners of Ji Shi’s eyes twitched twice, and he mustered up the courage to raise his head. Except for the woods, the Yezhi Forest was completely empty, and he didn’t know when Mingren left.
Although this was not the first time, Ji Eleven still felt uneasy in his heart. He blinked, and there was a ruthless look in Ji Eleven’s eyes. The Holy Flame Sect wanted to take action against Akito, and with him and the Ghost Tower, It doesn’t matter at all, but when you can’t take action, it must be in his presence, obviously there is something wrong.
/The Ghost Tower has always been low-key, but it is definitely not a soft persimmon that can be manipulated by others. Although the Ghost Tower will not take the initiative, it does not conform to the style and image of the Ghost Tower that it has always used to show others. However, in the Great Thousand World, the collection of information and intelligence, Dissemination and control are sometimes very terrifying weapons. Perhaps, you can apply to the higher authorities to see if more qualifications can be leaked to others.
Even if it is Akito, the Ghost Tower is not asking for anything, but more of a kind of win-win and approach. The real core information still depends on whether it can be beneficial to the Ghost Tower before deciding how to deal with it.
Calabash City is famous for its rich production of treasure gourds. It is on the edge of the Qianfeng Sect’s sphere of influence and belongs to the Sangui zone.
/However, the monks who travel here rarely see masters. Although it is a no-no zone, it is the town closest to the Qianfeng Sect’s direct influence circle. The Qianfeng Sect’s influence here is self-evident.
The Qianfeng Sect’s liaison point in Hulu City was in chaos. In front of and behind the door, disciples of the Qianfeng Sect rushed in and out from time to time, and the atmosphere was particularly tense.
How could I not be nervous!
The big devil Hu Jing has just arrived in Gourd City.
Under the Qianfeng Sect’s massacre order, Hu Jing had no intention of hiding in disguise. Along the way, there was a bloody storm, and anyone who responded to the Qianfeng Sect’s massacre order was unable to go back.
Now, Hu Jing has come to Hulu City. What is his purpose? To intercept and kill her? Or just wait and see what happens?
Judging from the recent situation, it is better to just wait and see how things change, and it will be better to survive.
However, the massacre order is pressing on it, and if something is not done, the consequences may be disastrous, and it will not be much better than death anyway.
“What’s the response from the Lord of Xuebiluo City?”
“Ignore the old ghost Xue for now. His little strength is not enough. Has the person who went to invite the Mantian Sword come back?”
“Is this Master Mantian Dao in Gourd City?”
“I just arrived yesterday to pick the colorful treasure gourds. If that lord takes action, Hu Jing and his ilk will not be affecte

ecame more and more calm, and every arrow came last, blocking every talisman.

At this time, his eyes were just like Tiger Eagle’s, crystal clear and his pupils were constricted. In his eyes, the fire talisman was not fast.
Complete lock-in, arrow after arrow.
Huo Yun Tang had fallen silent and was dumbfounded. Even those who weren’t a bow cultivator knew very well how difficult it was to lock the Piao Fei Fire Talisman, especially when the opponent also used a hanging talisman.
Yao Yuan was also excited. There really is such a madman. He watched the talismans around the talisman hanging array decrease one by one. Fire talismans flew out from the Qiankun bag and were added to the array.
The Lei Guangtang disciple quits, damn it, it’s so shameless, it’s shameless enough to use magic weapons, but it can be replenished!
No matter what Lei Guangtang calls it, as a martial arts cultivator, you know how difficult it is, especially for masters like Hu Jing and Zhou Qian. Zhou Qian himself has no way to replenish the formation after setting up the formation at once. This kind of attack method consumes energy and energy extremely. He couldn’t control his strength at all, but Yao Yuan’s face seemed to be very relaxed.
/When did Huoyuntang develop such a magical weapon?
The bow cultivator’s locked attack consumes a lot of money. This accuracy is already amazing, but how long can you last?
The problem is that instead of slowing down, Fatty’s arrows are getting faster and faster. The interception point continues to advance towards Yao Yuan. This is a forced suppression.
Everyone finally understood Fatty’s plan, he was going to crush the opponent completely to death.
Thousand arrows pierce the essence of Shinryu, using offense instead of defense. In the end, you must rely on powerful attacks to overwhelm the opponent.
What does Gong Xiu have?
Only attack!
Kill kill kill
The people who laughed at the fat man at the beginning were completely mute at this time. This attack frequency and accuracy were almost like a joke.
Yao Yuan is also aware of this. His talisman-hanging compass is very powerful, but it also has weaknesses. Once the talisman is hung, it cannot move. He must rely on the powerful attack of the mixed talisman to suppress the opponent. If he is still suppressed by the opponent, then it will be
Zhang Xiaojiang’s arrows were more fierce than the last. There was a fire burning in his heart, kill!
One hundred and seventy true geniuses
/Ten Thousand Arrows Pierce the Heart Style is an attack style. Zhang Xiaojiang uses very ordinary arrow techniques, the strongest one being the Exploding Heart Piercer, but he grasps the overall situation and controls the rhythm.
Attack against Gong Xiu?
Shoot your bird!
Exploding heart-piercing arrow!
The attack has been completely suppressed, and the talismans are full, but there is no time to attack.
Recently, a talisman exploded in front of the defensive formation. Yao Yuan secretly thought something was wrong and immediately dodged.
Sure enough, the follow

hip with Du Jingjing.

hip with Du Jingjing.
On the other hand, the female cultivator’s attitude towards him was okay. She walked directly under the parasol and said, “I’m really sorry. We came out this time because of some important matters, so after seeing you…” ”
Twelve sisters!” The senior cultivator was dissatisfied. The ground screamed, not wanting her to say any more.
Li Yongsheng didn’t care about this. These people appeared in the wilderness on this rainy night. He thought with his buttocks and knew that they must have something important. He was not interested in knowing more.
This female cultivator, on the other hand, could tell at a glance that she came from a big family. Although she was already a junior cultivator, she didn’t have much experience in the world, so she walked in front of him unsuspectingly.
But having said that, he still has a favorable impression of such open-minded people – only when a person has no dark side in his heart can he face this society purely.
The twelfth sister was a little dissatisfied with the senior priest’s shouting, but it was obvious that the family’s family rules were very strict, so she just replied aggrievedly, “He is not an outsider either.” “I’m just afraid that
people will treat you as an outsider.” “We’re not interested in outsiders,” the senior cultivator said coldly, “You approached this person rashly, but didn’t you see that he had already secretly stored up his strength to prepare for your sneak attack?” ”
Ah?” Twelve Sisters exclaimed, taking a few steps back before finally I asked again, “Li Yongsheng, is this really the case?”
I secretly gathered strength, how could that guy see it? Li Yongsheng groaned inwardly.
But no matter what, although this high-level cultivator has tricky words and an arrogant attitude, he is a good leader for those young people from rich families who are just starting out – at least he has enough experience in the world.
/So he smiled disapprovingly and said, “It is still necessary to be vigilant when walking in the world. You must not have the intention of harming others, and you must have the intention of guarding against others.” After hearing this, the female
cultivator’s face sank, and she was very unhappy. He asked happily, “Then you are on guard against me?”
Please, am I familiar with you? Li Yongsheng rolled his eyelids speechlessly, “My enemy is very powerful, and I don’t know who he will find to deal with me, so be careful, right?”
/“Your enemy is the military commander, right?” The second sister looked at him and said angrily, “Didn’t Zhao Xinxin find someone to bring him down?”
“What?” Li Yongsheng raised his eyebrows and asked in surprise, “Did Zhao Xinxin find someone?”
“Twelve Sister!” The senior cultivator shouted again, his voice getting louder and louder.
This time, the twelfth sister didn’t say much, and just replied lightly, “I don’t know the whole story, maybe it’s just a rumor.”
After saying this, she turned and left, leaving him with a graceful figure from behind – as expected, He was very

a lot, you can take away his millions of acres of fertile land in Yuyang, or the super-large iron mines in Ganzhou, or even the salt fields in Ludong.

a lot, you can take away his millions of acres of fertile land in Yuyang, or the super-large iron mines in Ganzhou, or even the salt fields in Ludong.
That’s right, he believed that by destroying such a “small” restaurant, he would not be able to cause any backlash, and it would also show his political correctness.
When Capt. Yan came forward to warn him that he wanted to save some face for the King of England, he was very disgusted – Nima, do I need you to say it? If you explain things clearly, I won’t be able to pretend to be deaf and dumb anymore.
If Captain Yan didn’t say anything, he would just pretend that he had forgotten, and if the property of the Ninth Princess was destroyed, it would be destroyed. Even if the superiors pursued him in the end, he could use “forgot” as an excuse, and no one would pursue him again. Hold on.
/But once the words were made clear, he couldn’t help but sigh, it’s over, a good opportunity has been missed.
At that moment, how much he hated Capt. Yan, how much he hated Capt. Yan. You ruined my good deeds, can you help them?
But it doesn’t matter. If you can’t smash it into a restaurant, it’s better than nothing if you clean up the people.
But when he discovered that his boss, Oscar, actually knew Shopkeeper Li, his heart was suddenly wet with cold sweat.
The two of them got closer and closer as they talked, and his heart sank more and more. When he heard that Eunuch Ning had actually recruited shopkeeper Li, his legs went weak and he almost fell to the ground.
His resentment towards Capt. Yan has long since turned into deep gratitude – Damn it, thank you for your advice.
When Li Yongsheng twisted his lips and said that he called himself father-in-law, he knew it was over and they would not let him go.
He is also the Royal Horse Supervisor and knows best how much Ning Zhiyuan values ??titles.
In fact, there is no one in the inner court who doesn’t value titles. If a group of people who have no subordinates are fighting for it, why should they fight for it?
Even if you haven’t reached this position, if you become popular and you are in the emperor’s heart, your title will naturally rise.
As for Ning Zhiyuan, he especially cares about titles. If someone dares to be called father-in-law in the Royal Horse Prison, Eunuch Ning will let him go if he is the first one – are you planning to seize power and compete with me for favor?
Oscar is famous enough in front of Eunuch Ning, and he doesn’t dare to call himself Eunuch Ao. He can only accept this title privately when he goes on a local inspection tour, and he doesn’t dare to make it public – the people below are calling him nonsense, so Eunuch Ning will not particularly care. .
The young eunuch is also more popular with Oscar, and even offered his own valley for this. This time he followed the angel out, and he just wanted to show his dominance down there, but unexpectedly he bumped into a hard man. big nails.
What he was thinking at the moment was: Mr. Ao, you must let me go.
Chapter 343: Attitude is Every