ion. Formation is no trivial matter and cannot be learned by outsiders.

After a long time, the corners of Ji Shi’s eyes twitched twice, and he mustered up the courage to raise his head. Except for the woods, the Yezhi Forest was completely empty, and he didn’t know when Mingren left.
Although this was not the first time, Ji Eleven still felt uneasy in his heart. He blinked, and there was a ruthless look in Ji Eleven’s eyes. The Holy Flame Sect wanted to take action against Akito, and with him and the Ghost Tower, It doesn’t matter at all, but when you can’t take action, it must be in his presence, obviously there is something wrong.
/The Ghost Tower has always been low-key, but it is definitely not a soft persimmon that can be manipulated by others. Although the Ghost Tower will not take the initiative, it does not conform to the style and image of the Ghost Tower that it has always used to show others. However, in the Great Thousand World, the collection of information and intelligence, Dissemination and control are sometimes very terrifying weapons. Perhaps, you can apply to the higher authorities to see if more qualifications can be leaked to others.
Even if it is Akito, the Ghost Tower is not asking for anything, but more of a kind of win-win and approach. The real core information still depends on whether it can be beneficial to the Ghost Tower before deciding how to deal with it.
Calabash City is famous for its rich production of treasure gourds. It is on the edge of the Qianfeng Sect’s sphere of influence and belongs to the Sangui zone.
/However, the monks who travel here rarely see masters. Although it is a no-no zone, it is the town closest to the Qianfeng Sect’s direct influence circle. The Qianfeng Sect’s influence here is self-evident.
The Qianfeng Sect’s liaison point in Hulu City was in chaos. In front of and behind the door, disciples of the Qianfeng Sect rushed in and out from time to time, and the atmosphere was particularly tense.
How could I not be nervous!
The big devil Hu Jing has just arrived in Gourd City.
Under the Qianfeng Sect’s massacre order, Hu Jing had no intention of hiding in disguise. Along the way, there was a bloody storm, and anyone who responded to the Qianfeng Sect’s massacre order was unable to go back.
Now, Hu Jing has come to Hulu City. What is his purpose? To intercept and kill her? Or just wait and see what happens?
Judging from the recent situation, it is better to just wait and see how things change, and it will be better to survive.
However, the massacre order is pressing on it, and if something is not done, the consequences may be disastrous, and it will not be much better than death anyway.
“What’s the response from the Lord of Xuebiluo City?”
“Ignore the old ghost Xue for now. His little strength is not enough. Has the person who went to invite the Mantian Sword come back?”
“Is this Master Mantian Dao in Gourd City?”
“I just arrived yesterday to pick the colorful treasure gourds. If that lord takes action, Hu Jing and his ilk will not be affecte