and watched helplessly as the mace concentrated on his abdomen.

Ni Xiong rolled out. Chihou jumped up and came to him. The mace slammed into the head of the four-armed and golden-eyed Ni Xiong.
The dust swept away by the wind pressure flew into the air, and the mace stopped in front of Ni Xiong’s eyes. Both spiritual beasts panted heavily.
Both sides were frozen.
With a flash of light, Ren Dongliu entered the leaning state.
Ma Tianer was even more skilled than him. Not only could she bend down, but she could also use spells.
The whole change happened in just a blink of an eye. Ma Tianer was about to lose. How could it happen in such a blink of an eye?
In fact, it was not that Ren Dongliu was incapable of fighting, but neither he nor Ma Tian’er had a fighting spirit. After seeing Ma Tian’er and letting Chihou use his magic, Ren Dongliu lost his will to fight.
At this moment, time seems to have stopped, and people are just waiting for a voice.
“Lei Guangtang wins.”
Why couldn’t Yu Lingzi’s voice rise louder? He originally thought that this scene was a sure thing and should be the least suspenseful.
“I, I, I heard it right, our Lei Guang Tang won. Damn it, our Lei Guang Tang won, hahaha”
“We won, we won, Lei Guangtang will win!”
Except for Lei Guangtang who cheered, everyone was stunned, and even their minds were a little confused. Is this true?
It seems a bit like a dream, so unreal, why did you lose in a daze?
Is this still Lei Guangtang? ? ?
The disciples of the Lei Guang Hall no longer care about that and are celebrating crazily. No matter whether this is the Beast Taming Hall or the Beast Hall, no one can stop their celebration.
Yao Yuan and Fang Luffy were even more stunned, “What’s going on?”
“I don’t know. I just won by fooling around like that.”
“Do you think they will continue?”
“I don’t know, but I do hope to fight them.”
“Haha, let’s wait and see.”
Zhang Liang wrote excitedly, he wanted to spread the news as quickly as possible.
This is a miracle!
A victory of will, a victory of fighting for dreams and dignity!
Never underestimate a brave heart!
Wang Meng is that fierce tiger, and he makes a group of sheep possess the bravery of tigers.
Unfortunately, some of these sheep are really just guys wearing sheep’s clothing, but they have been wearing sheep’s clothing for so long that they forget who they are.
Even if Lei Guangtang stops here, it’s still worth it.
Lei Guangtang——Must win!
Lei Guangtang——Must win!
/Those Lei Guangtang disciples who had suppressed their emotions finally vented their passion unscrupulously.
Old disciples like Chen Haiguang and He Ziyuan are even more forgetful. No matter what miracles they achieve in alchemy forging, they are all foreign objects. As practitioners, we must fight!
Only victory can wash away shame and restore dignity.
The light shines on the disciples of Lei Guangtang, and those who are lonely are the losers. From now on, Lei Guangtang has truly embarked on the road to recovery.
The next question is, will they choose to