s body, and the void exploded in an instant, like a blood shadow bombarding Zhang Fu.

Zhang Fu had a smile on his face, but the energy of a dragon and a snake appeared all over his body.
Qi and blood rushed straight into the sky, and in an instant, a hand lightly held the blazing Grandmaster Qi Jin bombarded by Zhao Qingshan.
His body remained motionless, but the fiery blood energy lingered around him, as if a dragon and python were rising high and tightly entangled in Zhao Qingshan.
Countless spiritual ideas from heaven and earth in the void were also involved, suppressing the void.
“The resonance between heaven and man, the general between heaven and man?”
Zhao Qingshan’s expression changed when he saw this situation.
But in an instant Zhang Fu removed his palm and let go of Zhao Qingshan.
Zhao Qingshan looked solemn, glanced at Zhang Fu, and said in a deep voice.
/“What do you mean by your words?”
Zhang Fu put his palms behind his back. He felt some numbness in the palm of his hand and was a little surprised in his heart.
He has been practicing with Zhang Jian for nearly ten years, and has acquired a vast amount of martial arts. There are countless exquisite martial arts, but he has never encountered such a profound martial arts.
It’s like cultivating an indestructible body.
Some celestial warriors who practice body training may not have such a powerful vajra body.
Zhang Fu’s eyes were slightly startled, and he said calmly:
“General Zhao, what you got is not a disease, but a great opportunity. Did you get an iron order made of cold iron when you were young?
You discovered an excellent technique in the Iron Order, and used it to cultivate your body’s magnificent energy and blood, as well as your indestructible body! ”
There was a slight smile on Zhang Fu’s lips.
Zhao Qingshan looked stunned, then sneered: “Nonsense?”
But the five fingers behind his back were clenched tightly. This was the deepest secret in his heart.
There was murderous intent in his eyes!
Zhang Fu smiled and said: “No need to deny it, what I want to know is not difficult!”
He glanced at Zhao Qingshan and said with a smile: “You don’t need to guess, that iron order is not a demonic thing, but a foundation-building chapter of an ancient magic formula. If you have completed the foundation-building chapter, you will be able to inspire the iron order.” The inheritance within!
However, the conditions for this kind of inheritance are harsh, and over time, some core forbidden methods are damaged. Although you have successfully practiced the body refining method, it is no longer enough to obtain the core inheritance inside. It can only absorb your energy and spirit for a long time. As a supplement, when the time is right, the inheritance of Taoism will be reopened.”
Zhao Qingshan glanced at Zhang Fu, his eyes flashing sharply.
What the other party said was indeed in line with his current situation.
He wanted to ask, but he still had doubts in his heart!
Zhang Fu shook his head when he heard this.
“The general is right to