hip with Du Jingjing.

hip with Du Jingjing.
On the other hand, the female cultivator’s attitude towards him was okay. She walked directly under the parasol and said, “I’m really sorry. We came out this time because of some important matters, so after seeing you…” ”
Twelve sisters!” The senior cultivator was dissatisfied. The ground screamed, not wanting her to say any more.
Li Yongsheng didn’t care about this. These people appeared in the wilderness on this rainy night. He thought with his buttocks and knew that they must have something important. He was not interested in knowing more.
This female cultivator, on the other hand, could tell at a glance that she came from a big family. Although she was already a junior cultivator, she didn’t have much experience in the world, so she walked in front of him unsuspectingly.
But having said that, he still has a favorable impression of such open-minded people – only when a person has no dark side in his heart can he face this society purely.
The twelfth sister was a little dissatisfied with the senior priest’s shouting, but it was obvious that the family’s family rules were very strict, so she just replied aggrievedly, “He is not an outsider either.” “I’m just afraid that
people will treat you as an outsider.” “We’re not interested in outsiders,” the senior cultivator said coldly, “You approached this person rashly, but didn’t you see that he had already secretly stored up his strength to prepare for your sneak attack?” ”
Ah?” Twelve Sisters exclaimed, taking a few steps back before finally I asked again, “Li Yongsheng, is this really the case?”
I secretly gathered strength, how could that guy see it? Li Yongsheng groaned inwardly.
But no matter what, although this high-level cultivator has tricky words and an arrogant attitude, he is a good leader for those young people from rich families who are just starting out – at least he has enough experience in the world.
/So he smiled disapprovingly and said, “It is still necessary to be vigilant when walking in the world. You must not have the intention of harming others, and you must have the intention of guarding against others.” After hearing this, the female
cultivator’s face sank, and she was very unhappy. He asked happily, “Then you are on guard against me?”
Please, am I familiar with you? Li Yongsheng rolled his eyelids speechlessly, “My enemy is very powerful, and I don’t know who he will find to deal with me, so be careful, right?”
/“Your enemy is the military commander, right?” The second sister looked at him and said angrily, “Didn’t Zhao Xinxin find someone to bring him down?”
“What?” Li Yongsheng raised his eyebrows and asked in surprise, “Did Zhao Xinxin find someone?”
“Twelve Sister!” The senior cultivator shouted again, his voice getting louder and louder.
This time, the twelfth sister didn’t say much, and just replied lightly, “I don’t know the whole story, maybe it’s just a rumor.”
After saying this, she turned and left, leaving him with a graceful figure from behind – as expected, He was very