r, Pindao means, just in case, you go first.”

The corners of Gu Zongchen’s eyes twitched, and he said the same thing, what a good emperor, but it’s a pity that he has a mouth.
Lu Dong: What does it have to do with the mouth? It’s the heart. His heart is black.
Lu Dongyan’s words were unreasonable and had some personal grudges. Gu Zongchen just pretended not to hear them and suppressed them with his backhand, urging him to take a lesson and stop talking nonsense in the future.
The demon realm is the lower realm, which can also be said to be the cultivating demon realm. The demon clan, the creation of the first generation of demon lords, lives on this land. Because of a certain Great Heavenly Lord, the demon clan has become a thing of the past and has completely ceased to exist.
The current demons are the creations of Lu Nan’s creation. They were born with cultivation, but they have also lost the possibility of cultivation. They are more like pathetic walking corpses than living beings.
Billions of red eyes bloomed with blood, smelling the breath of the outside world. Continuous black shadows covered the sky and the sun, and black people rushed towards this place.
Gu Zongchen was kind-hearted, raised his fingers to the sky, swept his sleeves and robes and swept them all away.
“Can we cross?” Lu Beiqi asked.
“Do your best.”
“Then work harder and chant more sutras from now on.”
Lu Bei looked at the sky. The phantom of the black sun was the projection of the Heavenly Demon Realm. The main body was not in this realm. The upward passage was once again blocked by Lu Nan, making it difficult to find the direction.
/“As expected of you, you are cautious every step of the way, but how long can these little time-delaying tricks last?”
Lu Bei murmured, closing his eyes to sense the changes in the three realms. After confirming that there were no changes, he raised his hand to invite: “Senior Brother Hueying, today is the auspicious day to establish a sect. Our Western sect can take root in the Demon Realm. Time waits for no one, so don’t delay. Good times.”
“Junior brother, please help me.” Gu Zongchen clasped his hands together.
Lu Bei followed suit, and the two stood together and jointly summoned the phantom of the Western Paradise.
The immeasurable golden light spreads vertically and horizontally, flattening the darkness wherever it passes, reshaping the green water and green mountains, the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers. Falseness and reality overlap, and the concept of Buddha slowly grows.
The false spiritual mountain uses the demonic soil to shape its true body, and all Buddhist cultivators in the three thousand worlds can sense it. Even Ksitigarbha in the underworld has his hands clasped together at this moment.
The black spiritual mountain turned into reality, Ksitigarbha’s cultivation realm broke through his own bottleneck, and he did not need the divine power from the Emperor of Heaven to reach the pinnacle of Taiyi Golden Immortal.
At the same time, there was also the Great Li