ecame more and more calm, and every arrow came last, blocking every talisman.

At this time, his eyes were just like Tiger Eagle’s, crystal clear and his pupils were constricted. In his eyes, the fire talisman was not fast.
Complete lock-in, arrow after arrow.
Huo Yun Tang had fallen silent and was dumbfounded. Even those who weren’t a bow cultivator knew very well how difficult it was to lock the Piao Fei Fire Talisman, especially when the opponent also used a hanging talisman.
Yao Yuan was also excited. There really is such a madman. He watched the talismans around the talisman hanging array decrease one by one. Fire talismans flew out from the Qiankun bag and were added to the array.
The Lei Guangtang disciple quits, damn it, it’s so shameless, it’s shameless enough to use magic weapons, but it can be replenished!
No matter what Lei Guangtang calls it, as a martial arts cultivator, you know how difficult it is, especially for masters like Hu Jing and Zhou Qian. Zhou Qian himself has no way to replenish the formation after setting up the formation at once. This kind of attack method consumes energy and energy extremely. He couldn’t control his strength at all, but Yao Yuan’s face seemed to be very relaxed.
/When did Huoyuntang develop such a magical weapon?
The bow cultivator’s locked attack consumes a lot of money. This accuracy is already amazing, but how long can you last?
The problem is that instead of slowing down, Fatty’s arrows are getting faster and faster. The interception point continues to advance towards Yao Yuan. This is a forced suppression.
Everyone finally understood Fatty’s plan, he was going to crush the opponent completely to death.
Thousand arrows pierce the essence of Shinryu, using offense instead of defense. In the end, you must rely on powerful attacks to overwhelm the opponent.
What does Gong Xiu have?
Only attack!
Kill kill kill
The people who laughed at the fat man at the beginning were completely mute at this time. This attack frequency and accuracy were almost like a joke.
Yao Yuan is also aware of this. His talisman-hanging compass is very powerful, but it also has weaknesses. Once the talisman is hung, it cannot move. He must rely on the powerful attack of the mixed talisman to suppress the opponent. If he is still suppressed by the opponent, then it will be
Zhang Xiaojiang’s arrows were more fierce than the last. There was a fire burning in his heart, kill!
One hundred and seventy true geniuses
/Ten Thousand Arrows Pierce the Heart Style is an attack style. Zhang Xiaojiang uses very ordinary arrow techniques, the strongest one being the Exploding Heart Piercer, but he grasps the overall situation and controls the rhythm.
Attack against Gong Xiu?
Shoot your bird!
Exploding heart-piercing arrow!
The attack has been completely suppressed, and the talismans are full, but there is no time to attack.
Recently, a talisman exploded in front of the defensive formation. Yao Yuan secretly thought something was wrong and immediately dodged.
Sure enough, the follow