Thunder were still missing, and no one asked. Han Chuxue was in a strange state, but Wang Meng was already mentally prepared. Zhang Yang was celebrating with Ni Yong and Zhan Yingluo outside. They were drinking and drinking. There were already people outside. There was only one protagonist, Lao Ma, so Wang Zhenren was driven away.

Opposite Wang Meng at this time was Han Chuxue. Since her awakening, Han Chuxue had been busy with her own affairs. Wang Meng did not interfere, but he could feel something.
Han Chuxue looked at Wang Meng. In this world, the loneliest holy body should be the Nine Heavens. He could escape reincarnation, but he had to pay a price. He would be a passerby in any world until the end.
But she doesn’t know when it will end.
Meeting Wang Meng is the luck of the Holy Body of the Nine Heavens. On this road of reincarnation, there will be no loneliness.
“Wang Meng, the first dojo is over, I’m going to take the first step.” Han Chuxue smiled slightly, and now she had more of a mortal aura.
Wang Meng nodded, “I can feel it, but your cultivation level is not there yet, right?”
Han Chuxue sighed slightly, “There’s nothing we can do about it. Just like before, once the memory of the Nine Heavens Physique awakens, it won’t be able to stay and will have to enter reincarnation again. I don’t know.”
Wang Meng’s eyes burned brightly, “Don’t you think you can control it?”
/“Yes, not only can I not control reincarnation, I can’t even control my destination. My next stop may be the Great Thousand World, or it may not be.”
Wang Meng frowned, “You were obviously well prepared when you were in Xiaoqianjie, why?”
Suddenly Wang Meng realized the problem, “Is it because my wine woke you up in advance and prevented your cultivation from reaching its strongest state?”
Han Chuxue smiled slightly, “One drink and one peck have their own destiny. In fact, I am very happy. I even experienced an unprecedented feeling. It is very wonderful and touching.”
Han Chuxue looked at Wang Meng with tenderness in her eyes. She knew that Wang Meng would understand how she felt.
For the two of them, this is just an experience, and nothing will necessarily happen.
“Don’t worry about me. Everyone is destined to have something to do. It’s good to seize it now. It’s just a pity that I can’t see your world.”
Han Chuxue is very calm. With insufficient cultivation, she cannot control her destiny and does not know what the future will be like. The weak Nine Heavens Saint Body is also facing many crises. Han Chuxue has traveled through two worlds. It is really not easy. .
“I don’t know what fate is, but there is a way that can make up for your cultivation level, and it will also suit you very well. We will definitely meet again in the Great Thousand Realms!”
Wang Meng said.
“Sea of ??Lost, the reincarnation ability of the Holy Body of the Nine Heavens is essentially within the scope of the law of time. Are you interested in challenging it together?”
Wang Meng laughed.
Han Chuxue thought for a moment, that look was indeed