Meng Ningzi was stunned. She thought Wang Meng had forgotten about her. As a result, everyone around her looked at the small box, but Meng Ningzi had no intention of opening it.
This is a very ordinary box, but Meng Ningzi has never opened it in her life. No one understands why she is like this.
Great Thousand Worlds
For this place, Wang Meng is both unfamiliar and familiar, and nostalgic for a long time. Many of his memories come from Mo Shan. After all, he has been looking forward to coming here one day since he was a child, but the life here cannot be compared with the church. So, It’s deep into the bone marrow
With Wang Meng becoming a god, the Great Thousand Realm is actually a place where the weak eat the strong. The rules of the Holy Temple are the rules of the Great Thousand Realm. Hu Jing and Zhang Xiaojiang are the strongest in the Holy Temple, so there is no problem at all.
The existence of Hua Jianyu also played a certain role. The spirit of the temple was not destroyed, but both Wang Meng and Mingren were too terrifying, frightening many monks. Thinking about the siege of the temple, they were very scared. The current strength of the Holy Church will level the world, and Hua Jianyu knows Wang Meng and the Holy Church. This is why he asked Hua Qingping to make the decision in the first place. Now is the time to reap the rewards.
Hua Qingping, as the first among the traditional powers in the Great Thousand Realm, showed his favor to the Holy Church, which also caused a chain reaction and laid the foundation for the stable development behind the Holy Church.
The Holy Church is compatible with various forces. Gradually, more monks are pouring into the Holy Church. Of course, there are more challenges in the Great Thousand Realm. The development of the Holy Church is slower than that of the Middle Thousand Realm and Small Thousand Realm. Hu Jing and the others still need more More learning and waiting
On the last journey to the Great Thousand World, the only person to see him off is Hu Jing
This is probably the person who understands him best in the world.
No one knew what the two said or did. In the end, Wang Meng left without any worries because he believed that it would be okay to leave everything to Hu Jing.
Brothers are all living a good life. There will definitely be various challenges in the future, but this is the beauty of life.
The last thing is also Wang Meng’s last wish
his lifelong rival and friend
The time for reincarnation has come
Akito, what is your choice?
Wang Meng believes that if he can do it, Ming people will also be able to do it!
Mortal world, remote countryside
Huge laughter came from a very ordinary family. The house was small and simple, but very warm. For such an ordinary family, what could be happier than the birth of a son?
/“Dad, why doesn’t this kid have hair?”
“The kid will have it when he grows up.”
“Our child is so handsome and will definitely become a big shot in the future!”
“That’s right, my Shi Ergou’s son will become a great man. The fortune