is severely damaged. As a being who can keep pace with the ancestors, does the Holy Lord not realize that the magical powers recorded on the green rock are more advanced?”

The Holy Lord looked solemn and said: “The Cuiyan Avenue is indeed higher, so I took the initiative to leave the immortal world and came here to search for the Cuiyan Avenue.”
Lu Yiren said with a smile: “I thought that the Holy Lord, as the actual ruler of the Earthly Immortal Realm, would stand still and shout and kill on the Cuiyan Avenue. I didn’t expect the Holy Lord to be so enlightened. The Holy Lord is a big shot, why should he live in this barren mountain? It’s better to go to a humble house and take a rest for a few days.”
The Holy Lord wanted to see where he was coming. He was not afraid at all and said with a smile: “Please!”
Lu Yiren led him towards the depths of the human world. The two of them had great supernatural powers. It seemed they were not fast, but in fact they were amazingly fast. They quickly crossed half of the human world.
Seeing that his leg strength was not inferior to his own, the Holy Lord thought to himself: “Even if I recover from my injuries, I will only be slightly better than him.”
There is actually a paradise in this dark world, with beautiful mountains and clear waters. It is not vast, only three thousand miles in radius, and there are some human races and monster races living there.
/Lu Yiren led the Holy Lord into a country where monsters and monsters lived together. He was familiar with the road and took the Holy Lord back to an ancient fairy temple.
This Immortal Palace is taller and more majestic than the normal Immortal Palace, and is full of branch-like textures, which is extremely weird.
The Holy Lord was shocked and doubtful. After he came to the human world, he took Xu Ying’s letter to Shiquan Dao Sect and met Xu Ying’s two disciples, Jing Ming Laojun and Ming Wangsun.
When the two saw Xu Ying’s letter, they knew that the Holy Lord was not easy to offend, so they were polite to him and allowed the Holy Lord to understand Cuiyan. Although the Holy Lord didn’t realize it for a long time, he was discovered by the Ancestral God, and a fierce battle broke out between the two sides. However, the Holy Lord was incredibly talented after all, and he still understood many truths from the texture on the green rock.
But the principles on Cuiyan are everywhere here!
“Who is this Lu Yiren?”
He thought to himself, “His accomplishments on Cuiyan Avenue are probably far beyond what he promised!”
The Holy Lord’s heart skipped a beat. He had already reached the level of the Great Luo Wonderland six million years ago. How could this person, who had cultivated the Cuiyan Avenue, be able to reach this level?
/“I knew in my heart that the things recorded on this piece of green rock were limited, so I was very quiet and thought about it, and left the human world.”
Lu Yiren came to a mural and admired it quietly. Several monsters were carefully wiping the mural and cleaning up the dust.
“I crossed the long r