ing place for a large number of knight resources. You can usually live there, which will be of great help to your knight training!” Charlie continued.

“Charlie Knight, you are interested!” David replied with a smile.
The lunch was very sumptuous. Lord Cagel probably spent a lot of effort preparing this lunch. All kinds of food that David had never even heard of were placed on the table.
David maintained his learned aristocratic manner while dining. He didn’t say much and smiled the whole time. Although the dishes were novel, he only tasted them briefly.
It wasn’t just David who was like this, but everyone at the table was like that throughout the meal.
As soon as lunch was over, Baron Blackmer took his leave, and no one dared to object to his words.
Charlie got on the alchemy carriage pulled by Pegasus, and Baron Blackmer rode his golden eagle back to the huge ‘starry sky spaceship’ in space.
“Baron Arthur, let’s send them to the portal together!” Lord Cagel stopped David who was about to go back and invited him.
David couldn’t help but look up at the ‘Starry Sky Aircraft’ and see how the huge ‘Starry Sky Aircraft’ could pass through the portal.
You must know that the portal in Jianmo City is not very big, and it will definitely not be able to let such a huge ‘starry sky flying boat’ pass through.
David had previously thought that this ‘starry sky ship’ flew over from a large portal on a nearby planet, but this was not what Lord Kagel meant.
/This aroused his curiosity, so he rode on his traveling horse and headed to the portal with Lord Kagel.
The speed of the ‘Starry Sky Ship’ in the sky was not very fast, and it seemed to be aware of the farewell of Lord Cagel and David, and moved forward almost at the same speed as the two of them.
David saw the portal again. The seemingly huge portal seemed smaller in front of the Main family’s ‘Starry Sky Ship’.
The ‘Star Sky Ship’ slowly flew towards the portal. As it approached the portal, the ‘Star Sky Ship’ shot a white light towards the portal. The aperture around the portal expanded upwards, forming a super large portal.
The ‘Starry Sky Ship’ entered the super large teleportation gate, and then the teleportation gate returned to its original state.
“How about it? Every time you use this method to pass through the portal, you need to consume a lot of kryptonite to provide energy. I feel luxurious every time I see it!” Lord Kagel said to David with a smile.
“Isn’t it just to pick up Charlie Knight? Why does it need such a big pomp?” David asked, also not understanding the behavior of the Main family.
“This is the top noble. This time it is a simple trip. If you see the scale of the official trip, it is luxury!” Lord Kagel replied with a smile.
David shook his head. He had just come to the Divine World. After arriving on the planet, the Divine World he saw was backward. Everything here was extremely primitive.
Except for portals and temples, it is almost difficult to see a super empire that can match the divine world and span countless planets.
/But today