and were killed by the women!

“Senior Brother Ji, only you can obtain the treasures here.”
The girls each put away their magical treasures and dispersed their magical powers. Liu Ruyi said to Emperor Zhou, “Brother, please take off this treasure.”
/The treasure she was talking about was a bright mirror floating on the altar of Shenglong Hall. The mirror was so radiant that even after thousands of years, it could still shine on people.
The mirror rotates quietly, and there is a dragon picture on the back of the mirror. In the center of the dragon picture is a dragon button, showing the shape of five interlocking dragons, which is easy to grasp.
It’s just that the mirror is too big, three feet tall and wide, and it doesn’t look like an ordinary dressing mirror.
The layout of the Shenglong Hall is different from that of the Qianlong Hall. There are thousands of shrines in the Qianlong Hall, where the immortal corpses of dragon immortals sit. However, there is only one large altar in the Shenglong Hall, with about three Five acres in size.
The reliefs around the altar also have dragon patterns and extremely complex textures.
Behind the altar, a Taoist-like figure sat upright, with his front half appearing in the light and his back half hidden in the darkness, motionless and already dead.
Skeletons of divine dragons poked out from behind him, or crawled from both sides of the altar, climbed onto the altar, and looked into the mirror. Some climbed onto the walls on both sides, the dome above, or clung to the pillars. They also stuck their heads out and looked at the mirror.
Only skeletons remain of these dragon-like creatures, with no flesh and blood left.
Emperor Zhou looked at the mirror, hesitated, and said, “What would happen if someone else took off this mirror?”
Liu Ruyi looked at these dragons and said: “Most of these dragon bones will revive and be killed in the future! Before coming, Daojun said that although Longting was buried, the fate of Longting has been flowing to Yuan Shou over the years, so he concluded that only Yuan Shou Only hunters can harvest the treasures here.”
Emperor Zhou said: “Did Lord Dao see this scene from above the Nine Heavens?”
Liu Ruyi nodded.
/Emperor Zhou still hesitated, and suddenly smiled and said: “Since all Yuanshou people have this luck, wouldn’t it be enough to change to another Yuanshou people? Come out, Ji Man.”
As soon as he finished speaking, another person walked out of his shadow. His appearance and clothing were exactly the same as those of Emperor Zhou. He was also dressed in yellow clothes. He was also a gentle and elegant emperor. There was no difference.
Liu Ruyi was shocked and confused. She didn’t know that Emperor Zhou was still hiding someone beside her!
Emperor Zhou smiled and said: “This is my substitute. I asked the heavenly official of Yuanshou to change his numerology and let him die in my place.”
The Emperor of Zhou shouted, “I am the real person, you are the substitute! If you imitate me, usurp my position, steal the treasure, I