ound of the sword returned to silence, along with the rolling sea of ??clouds that seemed to have solidified, and the bright light Mixed with wind, rain, clouds and mist.

The sound is loud, but the elephant is invisible.
And such a sword, which is integrated with Song Qingxi’s lifelong philosophy and charm, just like this, in a certain determination to live towards death, went from silence to the sound of the sword that shocked the world, and then to silence again, from the weak energy to the sword. The vastness of the abyss has turned into uncertainty.
The meaning of lifting a heavy weight as if it were light and lifting a light weight as if it were heavy flowed through her body at the same time.
In the flash of light and stone, this sword filled with the spirit of the Taoist and Mystical Dharma attracted admiring and admiring glances from countless people.
It’s just that the cultivators were admiring and praising.
But for the Ghost-faced Black Snake, this is the sword that brings real death!
Normally, she might not be the opponent of such a sword.
At this moment, the Ghost-faced Black Snake had been seriously injured by the White Bone Temple Master. Under the repeated erosion of the torrent of evil energy, all the snake scales on his body turned into dry bones and dregs, turning into sand and cracking. At this time, he faced this shocking thing. Sword, the ghost-faced black snake has no way to advance, and no way to retreat!
At the same time, an extremely angry and shrill roar came from the storm that was entangled with wind and rain in the distance to the side.
That was the roar of the Black Turtle Demon, but before the same angry and shrill vibration could be transmitted to Song Qingxi, when he looked from a distance, there were twelve golden elixirs in the storm vortex. The corpse is hanging in the sky, the white flag flag is waving in the hand, and the dense white bones and ghosts interweave and resonate, covering up all the vibrations.
It was at this moment that the wanton laughter of the White Bone Temple Master came out immediately after.
“Wonderful! Wonderful! Since we are already in the phase of life and death, there must be a way to take death today!”
/While speaking, even the White Bones Temple Master, who felt that time was tight, couldn’t help but look at Song Qingxi with a rather strange look.
You must know that Song Qingxi’s sword is not only so wonderful at the level of Tao and Dharma that it is impossible to criticize. Except for some reason, such a shocking sword must be revealed from the subtle details, but in fact It is precisely this subtle interpretation that makes the swordsmanship even more graceful.
In addition, this sword is even more wonderful in the changes of human emotions!
If Song Qingxi had drawn his sword just one minute faster, even though the White Bone Temple Master was stopped by the Black Turtle, he still felt that the life of the ghost-faced Black Snake was still nearby, within reach, and he would be more or less angry because of Song Qingxi’s sword. .