Liu A big curse, let Master Daoyuan help me.”

Ji Jue said in surprise: “Senior Brother Daoyuan is still alive?”
/“Of course he is alive. He is a smart man. He used the uniqueness of Wangxiang Terrace to save his life and survive until now.”
The two walked out of the door. Xu Ying took out the Buddha beads and said, “This treasure was given to me by Master Daoyuan. It can be said to have saved my life. This Master is amazing.”
He was full of praise and said: “He saved his life and waited until Gao Bodhi was about to escape the suppression before he came out and suppressed Gao Bodhi.”
Ji Jue said solemnly: “Senior Brother Daoyuan gave you this string of Buddhist beads, and it also saved my life.”
He was also quite excited and said: “Buddha once said that if Senior Brother Daoyuan had not been born in the Age of Ending Dharma, his achievements would have been immeasurable. However, during the period when he was born, Dao Weeping and the Dao were corrupted, which prevented him from taking any further steps. These years have passed. , even if he does not have the chance to become a Buddha, his cultivation level is probably unfathomable!”
Xu Ying heard him mention Dao Weeping again and thought to herself, “What on earth is going on with Dao Weeping?”
At this moment, in the Great Leiyin Temple, Evil Buddha Gao Bodhi suddenly felt something in his heart and said with a smile: “Xu Ying is here.”
Mr. Tamagawa was surprised and delighted. He had been seeking advice from the Bodhisattva in the past few days and practicing Buddhism. He had gained a lot. When he heard this, he asked, “Buddha, where is Xu Ying now?”
“Coming this way.”
Ji Bodhi smiled slightly and said leisurely, “We only need to wait for him here, and he will fall into the trap of his own accord.”
Xu Ying and Jijue Buddha flew to Mount Sumeru, and from a distance they saw the Great Leiyin Temple moved from the middle of the mountain to the top of the mountain, magnificent and magnificent. The temple is very lively with people coming and going, and the incense is flourishing.
Xu Ying stopped, looked around, and said, “Wait a minute. It’s a little weird. The Great Leiyin Temple was originally on the mountainside.”
Jijue Buddha also looked around and said: “Donor Aying, I heard that the Great Leiyin Temple was originally on the top of the mountain. Could it be that Senior Brother Daoyuan moved the Great Leiyin Temple back to the top of the mountain after suppressing Gao Bodhi?”
Xu Ying didn’t answer, looked around, suddenly turned, and flew to a holy place far away from Mount Sumeru.
It was originally a holy land left by an Immortal King. There were many Qi Refiners. Immortal magic weapons hung in the sky, and many ascending rays of light directly connected to the world of heaven.
At this time, the immortal weapon guarding the sect disappeared. Xu Ying stood in the air and looked, and saw that the Qi Refiners on the mountain had shaved their heads and were carving the giant Buddha with their bare heads.
/Xu Ying had a sudden thought in his heart and sa