d immortal turned around, only to see that the giant wall-like Tianguan didn’t follow him, and Xu Ying’s big hand didn’t catch him, so he breathed a sigh of relief.

“this world”
The gray-clothed immortal looked around and saw that this world had been destroyed and was a desolate, lifeless world.
/He breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile: “I see. This world is not in the way of heaven, so his portal cannot catch up.”
Just when he thought of this, the space behind him suddenly shook violently, and a voice came from the depths of time and space: “Brother, why don’t you stay and make friends?”
The gray-clothed immortal looked back and saw a pair of big hands protruding from the depths of the space, tearing the sky of this dead world apart.
Xu Ying struggled to tear open the space and was about to arrive!
The gray-clothed immortal was horrified and hurriedly moved the jade plate. It flew through the air with a hiss and disappeared.
Xu Ying tore the sky apart, flew out from the crack, and floated above this dead world. Looking around, he couldn’t help but be stunned.
I saw that the world that had been dead just now suddenly revived, and the land below had sweet rain falling in just a few moments, and the vegetation came back to life, becoming lush and green.
“What exactly is that jade plate?”
Xu Ying was surprised and said in a low voice, “Even the Great Avenue of Heaven and Earth here has been revived. It’s really amazing.”
He chased the time and space where the gray-clothed immortal left, but he was a step too late. After chasing for several worlds, he lost track of the gray-clothed immortal.
“In all the worlds, the revival of the great avenue of heaven and earth in some places in the ancient era is probably related to this gray-clothed immortal and the jade plate in his hand!”
Xu Ying gave up the pursuit and whispered, “That jade plate is no ordinary fairy weapon. Although it has no power, it is probably not even as powerful as the Emperor’s Purple Netherworld Sword. If you can kill that little gray man, you will get A jade plate would be nice”
The sky closed and disappeared.
This loud shout caused the eardrums of all the creatures in this world to buzz. They raised their heads and looked around in shock. Some were ashamed, some were confused, and some were obsessed.
/“I’ve been searching for two days, but I haven’t found that guy.” Xu Ying in white shook his head.
Huang Yi promised: “I also searched for two days, but couldn’t find it.”
Qing Yi promised: “I hid in the underworld with my back down, waiting for him to escape to the underworld, but I found nothing.”
Xu Ying’s body stood in the pass, withdrew the Yi Qi to transform into the Three Pure Ones, shook his head, and asked suspiciously: “Is it really not in this world?”
In a ruined temple, the gray-clothed immortal stood on the shrine, eyes wide open, beads of sweat rolling down his face, almost washing away the mud on his body.
He still didn’t dare to come down and still stood on the shrine. He waited for three months before he was