Master Cangyue will come back. This person practices demonic music and is good at deceiving people’s hearts. I am worried that he will control him and betray Tianzun. Please also ask Xiao Tianzun Plant the corpse god magic in my body to prevent me from causing a big disaster.”

Xu Ying and Little Tianzun both looked at him. Meng Wuhuai’s face was full of loyalty and righteousness, and he looked ready to sacrifice his life for righteousness at any time.
Little Tianzun advised: “Master Meng, the Corpse God’s Dharma can only be used against enemies who hate you to the core. You are my confidant and Taoist friend, how can I do this to you?”
Meng Wuhuai said sincerely: “Little Tianzun regards me as a confidant and Taoist friend, why don’t I do the same? That Master Cangyue is extremely cunning. If I were beguiled by his demonic voice to attack you, wouldn’t it mean that the relatives will be hurt and the enemies will be happy? Little Tianzun, feel free to take action!”
Little Tianzun said: “The Corpse God’s Dharma is extremely dangerous. A single thought from me can make your life worse than death.”
Meng Wuhuai said decisively: “For the safety of the little Tianzun, what does it matter if life is worse than death?”
Little Tianzun said: “You and I are fellow Taoists, how could I?”
Meng Wuhuai laughed suddenly, straightened up, pushed away Zhou Yashu’s hand that was supporting him, and said leisurely: “Little Tianzun, you don’t know the so-called corpse god method?”
/Little Tianzun was extremely shocked: “Immortal Master Meng, what are you doing?”
/Little Tianzun’s expression did not change.
However, Xu Ying looked shocked and lost his voice: “Meng Wuhuai, why did you say this?”
“you shut up!”
Meng Wuhuai’s eyes were filled with murderous intent. He swept over and sneered, “Xu Ying, you stole my Penglai Immortal Mountain and reduced my realm. Do you think I will let you go? I joined Little Tianzun just to take revenge and take back the Immortal Mountain. !”
Xu Ying shut up obediently.
Little Tianzun said slowly: “Meng Wuhuai, I thought we would be friends, but I didn’t expect you to harbor evil intentions. Since you want to see my corpse god technique, then I will help you.”
White steam steamed from the top of his head, and he slowly raised his right hand.
Meng Wuhuai’s heart was slightly shaken: “Did Master Cang Yue lie to me? Is the little Tianzun not injured? Is it still too late for me to kneel down now?”
At this moment, Xu Ying staggered out from behind Little Tianzun, and flashed in front of Little Tianzun. His palms swayed slightly, and a mark in the shape of the Xutian Cauldron appeared on his palms!
It is the Immortal Lord Meng Wuhuai’s special magical power, the Xutian Cauldron!
Immortal Master Meng Wuhuai raised his hand to catch this move, which was also the Void Sky Cauldron Seal. The moment the two seals collided, six Nuo Zu Cave Heavens buzzed out behind Xu Ying, and his mana instantly increased to the extreme. Step into the realm of the Six Immortals!
Behind Immortal Lord Meng Wuhuai, the