Maybe it’s too painful.
Liu Daoren pressed his hand tightly on his heart.
At this moment, the distracted eyes met Yan Jianming’s cold eyes.
Liu Daoren seemed to want to raise his head, and from his slightly trembling lips, his muffled voice could barely form words.
Seeing this, Yan Jianming stepped forward in front of Liu Daoren. With one hand and a sword finger, he pointed at Liu Daoren’s throat. A stream of pure magic power followed the twelfth floor of the building and went straight into Liu Daoren’s Rendu Second Vein, Zhou Tian.
In a flash, Daoren Liu took a deep breath, like a drowning person being saved.
Yan Jianming lowered his head slightly and put his ear close to Liu Daoren’s mouth, ready to listen to what Liu Daoren planned to say.
“When the two sides meet, we just need to be more prepared.”
“A person who can fall out faster than a dog, or even a hyena, will have more patience than you.”
“Does such a bitter person deserve to mention Tingchang Mountain to bluff people? Does he deserve to be shy and say that he is my disciple?”
Yan Jianming looked gloomy and was about to get up.
But Liu Daoren didn’t know where the strength came from. He raised his hand that was pressing on his heart and suddenly grabbed Yan Jianming’s wrist.
“Let’s take a pee and take a photo”
Before he finished speaking, Liu Daoren’s eyes widened, and with that breath, he completely lost his life.
Yan Jianming raised his hand tremblingly and wiped away the blood sprayed on his temples.
/I don’t know what he thought of, but his gloomy face turned almost ferocious.
“Hyena hey! Hyena!”
In the underground palace.
Chu Weiyang stepped on Yubu and stabbed out with his sword, and his whole body suddenly paused.
Sure enough, Manager Ma is indeed a man who knows how to sword.
With Chu Weiyang’s strange talent in swordsmanship, along with the changes in his state of mind, he now started to practice the thirty-six sword techniques in spring again. As the five sword intentions alternated, it really stopped abruptly after the Qingming sword intention. It became obscure, and there was no sense of Guyu’s sword intention at all.
After practicing this over and over again, in the end, the entire thirty-six sword moves of Spring Sword became no longer as smooth as before.
On the spot, Chu Weiyang put away his sword, frowning and wondering what he was thinking about.
After a while, the young man turned his head and looked at Manager Ma.
“So, it turns out there is something wrong with the kendo training method.”
Manager Ma nodded calmly.
“Talent is something destined by God, but when you can’t even practice the sword moves of Spring Time Sword, it means that your training method has been thousands of miles away from the true nature! Spring Time Sword, Spring Time Sword, there is nothing in front of you. Where does the grain rain come from in spring?”
“Of course, not only half of your body, but at least your shoulders are out of the mud, so you can breathe comfortably. You have to prioritize, and it doesn’t matter if you