lore the six secrets of the human body and fish for the six secrets of the elixir.

But the Six-Secret Immortal Medicine is just the smell of the elixirs in the Six Immortal Palaces. In other words, no one has ever taken the real Six-Secret Immortal Medicine.
Even the smell of the real Six Secrets elixir is enough to make people live forever and feed countless Nuo masters, Nuo immortals, fishermen, and leek eaters!
/If you take the real Six Secrets elixir, your ascension will be easy!
If the six Nuo ancestors really had the real Six Secrets elixir in their hands, it would definitely be a huge temptation for him.
Xu Ying hesitated for a moment, looked at the battle traces left by the great martial arts emperor in the valley, and said: “Brother Yan, you guys take a step first, I have to understand the mystery here. I feel that my martial arts will have a big breakthrough.”
Yankong City immediately called Qiao Zizhong and said: “I’m afraid the immortal palace elixir in Nuo Zu’s hands is not large. If you arrive late, you won’t even have water left to wash the pot! Zi Qiao, let’s go quickly!”
Qiao Zizhong strode to catch up with him, Xu Ying quickly said loudly: “In the future, if the Haoyue Pearl is damaged, I have to trouble Ziqiao to help me repair it.”
Qiao Zizhong looked gloomy and was noncommittal.
Yan Kongcheng walked out of the valley and headed straight for Yuxu Peak. He smiled and said, “Grandmaster, I think Brother Xu still has a very good feeling for you and always wants to get closer to you.”
Qiao Zizhong’s face was expressionless and his heart was bleeding.
Xu Ying abandoned his distracting thoughts and continued to comprehend. Suddenly, he jumped up and practiced the Eight God of War techniques over and over again. Following the path of the martial arts emperor’s boxing techniques, he attacked the gods, trying to recreate the situation in which the martial arts emperor killed the gods. .
An Qi and the Purple Immortal Grass were secretly worried. An Qi couldn’t help but look at Yuxu Peak and thought to himself: “Even if you can’t get the Immortal Palace elixir, it’s still good to smell the fragrance.”
The purple fairy grass controlled half of Xian Qi’s brain and tempted him to go together. Xian Qi rolled his eyes and said: “Aba, Aba Aba (A Ying won’t go, and I won’t go either. If anything happens, A Ying won’t be able to bear it) .”
The purple fairy grass pointed at the big clock, and Xian Qi said: “Aba Aba (the fairy medicine has no effect on the stupid bell, so it won’t go).”
However, An Qi was still itchy and went to persuade Da Zhong in person, saying: “I have many rare treasures stored in my belly. When Master Zhong goes to Ancestor Chanchan, they can be used on Master Zhong. A Ying didn’t know How many magic weapons I have in my belly, and how many of them I can use on Master Zhong when the time comes, am I not the one who has the final say?”
Dazhong complimented: “What are Master Qi’s plans?”
An Qi looked at Yuxu Peak, Dazhong pondered for a moment and said, “I can escort you there, b