cestors were injured one after another!

But Nuozu is no small matter. Even if he is besieged, he still has unrivaled combat power!
Suddenly Nuo Yang split one person open, reached into the fisherman’s chest, pulled out his ribs, peeled out his flesh and blood, stuffed it into his mouth, and sneered: “You harvest the world, we will harvest you, the big fish eats the small fish.” , isn’t this the way of heaven? Isn’t it the law of heaven and earth?”
A sword light pierced the back of his heart, and the heroes from behind came to kill. These peerless strong men were furious. The man in the bamboo hat said sternly: “We teach the false Nuo method and work hard to harvest the people in order to live forever. The purpose is to lift the clouds and soar, not to fatten up you old monsters!”
A strong man said angrily: “Kill all the six immortals, and we will stay in Kunlun as Nuo ancestors!”
The blood soon dyed the abyss red.
There is the blood of six Nuo ancestors, the blood of fifty-three peerless strong men, and the blood of those who cling to the cliffs of the abyss, whose bodies were broken after being hit by the aftermath of their magical powers!
A rain of blood fell from the sky, flooding Kunlun.
/The blood rain was not only poured on Kunlun, but also on the people who came to Kunlun, on their hearts, and made their hearts feel cold.
The Nuo method scam was peeled away bloodyly and presented in front of them!
The so-called senior masters, the so-called inheritance of Nuo methods, and the so-called cultivation of Nuo Qi are just scams to harvest the world, just to harvest the elixir.
The so-called Nuozu is nothing but a liar who harvests fishermen, Leek Cai Lao.
There is no Nuo ancestor, no so-called elixir, and no ascension!
Xu Ying stood in the rain of blood and looked down. The descendants from various sects in the mountains and the Nuo Immortal Nuo masters from various major families would definitely lose all confidence in the Nuo method when they saw this scene.
“Xu Fu completely destroyed the Nuo method.”
Xu Ying raised his head and looked at the bright sky. Countless caves hung on the sky of Kunlun, and blood rain poured down like a waterfall.
At this moment, Xu Fu’s restoration of the Qi Master was so successful.
He could already imagine the fate of the Nuo method inheritance, which would be cast aside by everyone and no one would practice it anymore.
“However, Nuo method is good, what is bad is only the human heart.” He said silently in his heart.
/He looked up at the abyss in the sky. A fairy mountain was floating. Xu Fu’s body was lying on the fairy mountain, and a jade bottle appeared in his hand.
The “corpse” quietly put the jade bottle to its mouth and was drinking the contents of the bottle.
Xu Ying squinted his eyes. What was in the bottle was Yaochi fairy water, which could heal all wounds, repair the soul, cleanse the soul, and make up for the shortcomings of the body and soul.
“What would Xu Fu do if I were me?”
Xu Ying asked herself more than once. Now he had the exact an