e, they were even inferior to them.

These two people are definitely geniuses!
“The little junior brother Zhu Chanchan misses so much has become a skilled fisherman. I wonder how she will feel when she knows this?”
The fire suddenly started, and the flame of the green lantern rolled up Xu Ying again, falling into the memory of his previous life.
The Great Emperor of Beiyin was still insisting, activating the lamp flame, breathing heavily, and became a little angry, saying: “Goddess Meng, what ingredients did you add to this Meng Po soup? Why is it so difficult to unblock it?”
/Po Meng couldn’t hold on anymore and said: “My ecstasy soup is to wash away the memory of the past. He drank countless bowls and it has long been useless to him! The ecstasy soup is just a primer, there is something else that seals his memory. Bei Emperor, have you felt it too? The tyranny of that thing is far more terrifying than the treasure that seals and suppresses you!”
He backed down and was about to stop: “If I interfere in this matter, I’m afraid my life will be in danger! I can’t accompany you anymore!”
Emperor Beiyin was silent for a moment and said: “The four of us died back then, but you were the only one who survived. Now you are running away again. I’m afraid there won’t be a place for you in the underworld in the future.”
Po Meng’s heart suddenly suddenly sneered: “Threatening me? You died because your skills were inferior to others. I survived because of my ability! Even if you come back to life, I am not afraid of you! I have lived more than 60,000 years longer than you.” , and now the magic power is already superior to yours!”
Even so, he stayed and continued to use the Three Life Stone to unlock the seal of the promise, saying: “I am helping you because of old feelings. I am not afraid of you.”
Standing in the sky of Weiyu Mountain Cave, you can clearly see the fairyland.
Beichenzi set up an altar. The arm-thick incense on the altar was still burning, and floated towards the shrine. Two demon-suppressing runes floated in the shrine, and the words on it became brighter and brighter!
Beichenzi and Fairy Yutang looked at the shrine with solemn expressions.
From the trajectory of the incense, they saw a sacred stone emitting brilliant light, traveling through the air of the incense, breaking through the obstacles of two demon-suppressing runes. Although the words on the runes shone brightly, they were not as bright as the incense. It has become a lot bleaker in the past!
In addition to this sacred stone, the terrifying power from the underworld is still coming, attacking the two demon-suppressing runes!
Vaguely, that terrifying power even transformed into two figures, a man and a woman, and manifested themselves on the altar. Even the altar was invaded by that terrifying power and kept shaking!
The incense in the furnace is intermittent, making it difficult to maintain the power of the shrine.
If the incense is extinguished, the words on the two demon-suppressing runes will also temporarily lose their power!