e ground. He forged three pieces of fine-grade knight armor in succession. He confirmed that he was qualified in controlling power.

After ten days of practice, it was only at this moment that he relaxed and stretched. His strength control reached an instinctive level, and his feet did not sink into the ground.
David then called Shadow Warrior over and felt the soul energy in Shadow Warrior’s body.
He couldn’t tell how much soul energy he got from Lumbu Star without sensing it.
Because Shadow Attendant has almost absorbed most of the souls of the entire Longbu Star into his body. Not to mention the quality of the soul, in terms of quantity alone, Shadow Attendant has absorbed the most.
The soul energy in Shadow Warrior’s body is extremely huge. Although it is not as large as the one hundred fifth-level souls he obtained from the small world of Plague God Gladstone, it is still second only to that harvest.
David felt a little hesitant in his heart. His current fifth-level spirit and physique had already exceeded the standards of the Earth Knights. He was even confident that his physical fitness alone would not be worse than that of the fifth-level Templar Knights.
So should you choose to resurrect the corpse of a fifth-level Templar, or choose to enhance your own spirit?
As for the corpses of the fourth-level sky knights in the space ring, although there are still more than a dozen, but after the divine battle on Lumbu Star, he understood that the power of the fifth-level Templar Knights is far from comparable to that of the fourth-level sky knights. .
If resurrecting the corpse of a fifth-level Templar is successful, then David can have the combat power of a fifth-level Templar. Although this combat power is not his own, it can ensure that he will grow up to a fifth-level Templar during the period. safety.
After receiving the huge harvest from the God War, David did not have the slightest worry about becoming a fifth-level Templar. He even believed that he would be able to achieve what Lord Gould had failed to achieve and become a transcendent fifth-level Templar. exist.
/“Resurrect the fifth-level Templar!” David said softly.
/Having made a decision in his heart, David no longer hesitated. His spirit entered the space pendant and saw the corpses of four fifth-level Templars.
David, who was used to seeing life and death, was still deeply moved when he looked at these five corpses again. These were not ordinary fifth-level Templar knights, but four lords, the most noble nobles in the divine world.
The top of the aristocratic hierarchy in the divine world is the lords. Lords hold secular power. Not only can they exercise supreme power in their respective territories, but they can also decide major matters in the divine world.
In the world of gods, when formally meeting the lord, the title of ‘great’ must be added before the name.
Four such beings are in David’s space pendant, allowing him to observe them. They are no longer as great as before.
Worried that the trace of activity in ‘Lord Ferdinand’s body w