not very good-looking, but fortunately his An Nuan was still good-looking, and it was worth the price.

Lin Feng was the last one to come, not because he was passive and neglectful, but because he was very active. Not only did he keep statistics on the boys’ attendance and leave requests, he also proposed temporary hygiene standards for the men’s dormitory during military training, and paid attention to Yan Qingcheng’s Regarding the situation at hand, he said he was submitting it to the counselor for better statistics, and Yan Qingcheng couldn’t refuse.
What Lin Feng wanted to do was to create a habit for Yan Qingcheng that she could report to him, which would naturally give him an advantageous position.
What’s more, there are many boys here. As the person in charge of boys’ military training, it is natural for him to have a higher status.
Seeing Liu Changan standing at the entrance, looking up at the trees and the sun, Lin Feng’s expression changed slightly, and he ignored Liu Changan and walked away.
“Lin Feng.” Liu Changan called out to Lin Feng.
“Is something wrong?” Lin Feng frowned and stopped calmly.
“You seemed to want to hit me yesterday?”
/“Didn’t you leave?” Lin Feng refused to admit it, but if Liu Changan denied it when he asked, it would be too cowardly, so he said this.
/“So you mean I’m afraid of you?”
“That’s not what I meant. It’s just that it was really inappropriate for you to speak to Minister Yuan like that yesterday.” Lin Feng was not impatient and argued with reason.
“So you mean it’s my fault anyway?”
“If you think so, there’s nothing I can do about it.” Lin Feng was a little impatient, “Is there anything else you can do?”
Of course Liu Changan had something to do. He tried to reason with Lin Feng. Who knew that Lin Feng had such an attitude? Of course Liu Changan would have a worse attitude than him.
“I generally think that since you want to hit me, it is no different than you have already hit me.” That’s what Liu Changan thinks, and doesn’t it make sense?
Lin Feng looked at Liu Changan in bewilderment, and then Liu Changan’s huge slap was so unrestrained, unceremonious, and without hesitation. After a clean and crisp “snap”, a red mark was left on Lin Feng’s face. All the slap marks.
“Balance it.” Liu Changan waved his hand and slapped his other face.
Only then did Lin Feng realize that no matter how much he wanted to implement his college life with a set of success-oriented life rules with thick black and urban characteristics, after all, as a young man, with his blood boiling and being scorned in public, that would Is it worth it?
Lin Feng shouted angrily and rushed over. Liu Changan did not evade. Lin Feng punched Liu Changan on the shoulder. Just as the instructor came over, he grabbed Lin Feng and pulled him away, saying angrily: “Lin Feng, what are you doing!”
“He struck me first, he hit me!” Lin Feng was furious, fearing that the instructor would think he was the one who struck first, so he pointed at Liu Changan and shouted.
The instructor pushed Lin Feng,