ers and lakes.” Zhu Juntang sniffed and felt that tears were about to fall from his eyes and turn into big drops. The pearl rolled around on the ground.

She understood that the reason why Yan Qingcheng was so arrogant and proud was because Yan Qingcheng did not ask at all and others took the initiative to give gifts, while Zhu Juntang asked her herself or relied on her hard work to study. Being well-behaved and staying up late to do homework are all earned!
Can this be the same? He simply fell down several positions!
Zhu Juntang was very sad and sad. The unprecedented frustration made her just want to fly to the moon on the Baixing rocket arranged by Liu Changan and be lonely and cold!
/She turned around and walked to the door of the classroom. She suffered such a heavy blow today and had no way to study. She had to take the opportunity to skip class to relieve her sad mood.
“Zhu Juntang, are you skipping class again?” The teacher met Zhu Juntang at the door with a smile.
He didn’t laugh at Zhu Juntang, he did have a good attitude towards Zhu Juntang, because it was said that his class was already the best among all subjects in Zhu Juntang’s school.
/For this reason, the shopping cards I received from Baojun Group during the Chinese New Year were worth twice as much as teachers of other subjects.
“She hasn’t even started class yet, how can she be called skipping class?” Zhu Juntang didn’t admit it at all. Only when she didn’t show up in the classroom after the bell rang was it called skipping class. Now to say that she skipped class is a malicious presumption.
Zhu Juntang yelled and was about to escape from the classroom. At this time, Liu Changan had stepped into the classroom. Seeing Zhu Juntang’s arms raised and swaying, ready to escape, he stretched out his finger and poked her forehead. She rushed to the back row of the classroom and sat down.
He had just set the parenting policy of “emphasis on education”. How could he let her successfully skip class under his nose? Dream on.
After class in the morning, Liu Changan waited for An Nuan to pick him up for dinner. Zhu Juntang claimed that he was also a kid like Zhou Dongdong and had to follow adults to eat and drink everywhere. Liu Changan had no objection and asked An Nuan and Zhu Juntang to have more contact and interact with each other. It’s also good to learn to grow.
But after class, Bai Hui was already waiting for Zhu Juntang outside. The two of them whispered to each other for a while, with a sharp and thoughtful expression on their faces that could only be seen when gossiping, and then left Liu Changan and the two fairies. The “BYD Han” got into Baifen and walked away.
Liu Changan looked towards the leader of the bread man squatting far behind the flower bed. The big bread man Gao Shou nodded. Gao Shou quickly led the other bread men to follow Bai Hui’s car.
The kidnapping of Miss Third’s lamb just happened. Naturally, Miss Third’s security standards also need to be improved. If such a vicious incident happens again, everyone will be b