f different colors, including the famous Jianshouqing, and there were quite a lot of them.

“Why are you here together?” Liu Changan sent her a message saying that he would come over, but he did not say that he would be with Qin Zisi. Qin Yanan smiled slightly, glanced at Qin Zisi thoughtfully, and then secretly warned, is this necessary? I can’t be like a certain king in the cold palace, who is jealous until his brain is gone.
/“I met you on the road. What kind of mushrooms did you pick? Let me take a look at the Jianshouqing series.” Liu Changan is a person who has tasted all kinds of mushrooms. There are many mushrooms in Lushan, but I don’t recommend everyone to come to Lushan to collect mushrooms because they are poisonous. Occupy the vast majority of species.
“Actually, Jianshouqing is not the name of a kind of fungus, but the boletus that has undergone oxidation reaction. In Yunnan, there are pink Jianshou, red Jianshou, yellow Jianshou, black Jianshou, etc., they are all All kinds of porcini mushrooms.” Qin Yanan explained, suddenly thinking that her sister would eat red parasols, she quickly said to Liu Changan: “Can you check carefully for me to see if there are any toadstools?”
“There are many types of fungi. Even experts who have studied fungi for decades cannot say that they can completely distinguish whether a certain fungus is poisonous or not. After all, it is the same fungus. If it grows in another place, the originally non-toxic one can become poisonous. “Liu Changan flipped through it, and then nodded firmly, “This basket of yours is non-toxic, and you will be able to taste it again tonight.”
“It’s not just fungi. I’ve prepared Chaozhou lion-head geese for you. They were delivered just after this afternoon.” Qin Yanan showed off proudly, then raised his head slightly and shook his body in front of Liu Changan.
/Qin Zisi looked away from the fungus. The eldest sister’s confusing behavior was repeated again. Why was she like a child who had done good things and was proudly waiting for the adults and teachers to praise her?
What confused Qin Zisi even more was that Liu Changan actually raised his hand and touched Qin Yanan’s head! She remembered the day she met Shangguan Dandan outside the police station. Shangguan Dandan also touched other people’s heads in this way!
Is this some kind of Pavlovian reflex experiment? The eldest sister has been successfully trained by Liu Changan, Shangguan Dandan and others, and she is doing her best to please them in order to get their head-touch rewards?
“Is it fresh goose or braised goose?”
“The braised goose weighs dozens of kilograms. I don’t have all the braised ingredients here. It’s better to let the master cook it and eat it directly. I have goose head, foie gras, goose paws and goose wings here.”
“The good things are all with you, let’s go.”
Liu Changan reached out and took the bamboo basket from Qin Yanan’s hand. Qin Yanan smiled and waved to Qin Zisi, gesturing for her to follow.
Qin Zisi walked behind, looking at the eldest sister wearing a gras