ed to cover Feng Yi’s departure without even thinking.

Feng Yi frowned slightly, joining forces with Feng Xu had at least a 30% chance of winning. There was a fight, so there was no need to run away now. But he did not refute, knowing that his identity was unusual. If he were defeated and captured, the entire Phoenix clan would be humiliated.
Turn thirty thousand miles away and find the place again another day.
Yan Yu commented that Feng Yi was arrogant and domineering. In fact, he was very clear-headed and knew when to be arrogant and when to be low-key.
“It’s too late to leave now, let’s stay together!” Lu Bei raised his head and laughed, raising his arms, and the sand of stars spread everywhere.
The hearty laughter was harsh and made Feng Xu frown. He looked at the boundless starry sky and seemed to have thought of something.
“Too dark”
The starry sky is gorgeous and dazzling. Every time a shooting star passes by, it is like a big wave hitting the sky, causing thousands of waves.
The violent wills collided and crushed, the golden and red light blazed, and the torrent that shook the starry sky rolled and swayed repeatedly.
Feng Xu and Feng Yi stood side by side, working together to hold up the golden-red phoenix shadow to resist the oppression of the star formation. The two demons’ hair was messed up, but they were defeated by the speed and magical power, and their expressions were extremely solemn.
The two strong men of the Phoenix clan who were accompanying them had already fallen. Just standing in the star formation, 100% of their strength was weakened by 80%. Without their help, Feng Xu and Feng Yi would have a much easier fight.
If there was anything wrong with it, it was probably because there were two more prisoners on the opposite side, and the harsh laughter was even more hearty.
At this time, Lu Bei had already illuminated the secrets of the two palaces and silently gave himself a strengthening buff. Only after fighting did he realize how terrifying the Phoenix clan’s background was.
The strength of Fengxu and Fengyi are both above the peak Kongji, especially Fengyi, whose talent is astonishing. Every time they fight, Lu Bei can feel that the opponent’s strength is getting stronger, not much, but it can be placed in the realm of the Mahayana stage. , it’s really frightening.
I heard that Feng Yi has a sister with even more talent!
/With such a unique bloodline, Yi Di is well-deserved. It is no wonder that Yinglong was cautious and sent out his capable general.
Lu Bei accumulated experience in fighting patrol teams before, leaving no room for action every time. As long as he couldn’t be killed, he would hit them to death.
The stars shifted and the pressure increased dramatically.
The torrent that destroyed the heavens and the earth crisscrossed, and was so powerful that it ran over the physical bodies of Feng Xu and Feng Yi time and time again, impacting the souls, making them unable to fight with all their strength. Even the phantom of the phoenix protecting the body ha