the divine realm in the Three Yuan Ji Zhen Realm will most likely choose to strike first and avoid the crisis. Risks are minimized.

In particular, under the leadership of Chu Weiyang, in the Sanyuan Jizhen Realm, the strength of the Xuanyuan and Dao Dao has become unbalanced on a factual level. The real people of the Yuanmen God Realm are almost emerging in a blowout manner, and even In this process, there are still many monks who are waiting for the final accumulation of information, but are just missing the finishing touch.
On the other hand, in Xuanmen, for a long time, among the levels of gods, there was probably only a single seedling of Shenxiao Sect, Fu Mei Laodao. Following the last, Chunyang Palace and Dan Valley, which had prospered in fortune, were really The monks who carry the cauldron are still on the road to accumulating knowledge and have a long way to go.
/As for the subsequent level of Tianjiao Daozi, Meng Huaizhen, who has only gone to Ming Palace for now, can still be seen, but it is extremely difficult to say that every step of the climb is smooth. When he asks about the realm of gods, maybe it is After many years, perhaps no one knows how long the time has passed.
If the forces of Xuan Yuan and Xuan Dao are balanced, or if Xuan Sect is prosperous, perhaps some unreasonable things will not happen yet, and it will not cause Miao Shu Dragon King Buddha to worry.
But in the world where the Yuan Clan was prosperous, their actions, and their style of doing things that had the overbearing connotation throughout, Miaoshu Dragon King Buddha, who had Jian Hanzhi’s mental memory, had a deep understanding of this.
And when Miao Shu Dragon King Buddha’s words fell, as expected, visible to the naked eye, the tense expressions of the cultivators relaxed further.
In such a state, monks occupy the dojo and regard themselves as spiritual gods. Therefore, some words spoken are no different from swearing and swearing. Moreover, unlike in the past, there is no longer anything in the process of swearing and swearing. There are loopholes that can be exploited, which is the process of truly communing with God’s will with one’s own heart.
It was at this moment that Chu Weiyang’s slightly gentle voice sounded.
“There is no need for Wang Fo to worry. This is a major event in the Three Yuan Realm. It is a crisis for the world and a blessing for the world. Naturally, we will not force Wang Fo to fight alone. If Wang Fo is willing to fight with us, Fighting side by side is already a very gratifying thing. As for the crisis itself, there is no need to regard it as a disaster.
Not to mention the support of the ancient sages and seniors following closely behind, even after a bloody battle, there is nothing to worry about. The so-called golden age, we feel, is affected by such a bloody crisis, so many people It would be a pity that the genius and evildoer would die because of this.
But the metropolis is a golden age, gold is gold. In this world, how can there be real gold that has never been forged and achieved through