n Hu Gao’s eyes, the Zombie King was probably one of the gods who luckily survived the divine punishment. Otherwise, how could he join hands with the gods in the coffin?

But since it had nothing to do with him, Hu Jie remained silent for the time being. Firstly, he had been controlled. Secondly, the zombie king seemed to be very particular about his reputation. The zombie king wanted to kill people, but he did not rely on himself to absolutely control the situation. There was Suppressed by absolute power, the massacre began without hesitation.
The zombie king talks so much, and ultimately he probably wants to tell those who are going to be killed by him why they deserve to die.
“We are not, we just want to develop the tourism industry! Even the cadres in the townships know about us and are supporting us.” Xiao Zhang put away his machete and said tremblingly, fearing that he would be labeled as a drug dealer. Put it on your head.
Zhao Zhi and other villagers also nodded and begged for mercy, arguing loudly. They had the same idea as Hu Gao. It would be fine if they were arrested by the anti-narcotics police. You are an inhuman being. You don’t know what kind of ghost you are. What do you care about this? ?
The Zombie King walked down from the coffin lid with the chain saw that had been started.
/Everyone is staring at his movements. His knees can move freely. It seems that he is definitely not a zombie, or the legend that zombies cannot bend their knees is completely false.
The Zombie King knocked on the coffin, and the cover moved a little, and a mobile phone with a bright screen was brought out. The light of the mobile phone shone, and you could see that the little hand holding out the coffin was slender and white, like a beautiful jade in the dark night. Yingguang, at this moment, gives people an infinitely terrifying feeling.
Is that a woman in the coffin? No, this is definitely not a human being, more like a female ghost.
The Zombie King was holding his mobile phone, and the cover was moved by the small hands in the coffin. He seemed very satisfied with lying in the coffin and had no intention of coming out to face the humans around him.
This actually made the prisoners at the scene breathe a sigh of relief. They always felt that the Zombie King was not that scary. Even if he died in the hands of the Zombie King, he would probably be killed by a chain saw. It is still a normal way of death, and he would fall into the coffin. In the hands of that thing, who knows what terrible end it will end up with?
“I first used the mobile phone map to determine the names of several nearby villages, and then we entered the government website of Xiangxi Prefecture.” The zombie king skillfully operated the mobile phone.
If it hadn’t been for the little hand that stretched out from the coffin just now, which made Hu Cie’s whole body shiver, and the palpitating feeling he had in Wu Qinglian’s car reappeared, Hu Cie could not help but say a few words, why is this zombie king so troubled? ?
/If you want to kill a few peop