.” Li Hongfang said with tears in her eyes.

Liu Changan admitted that what Li Hongfang said made sense and was very correct, but when it came out of her mouth and with her sincere expression, Liu Changan always felt like being silenced by her. For a moment, he was speechless, and it turned out that he was alone. When you sincerely admire and revere a person who is worthy of your faith and adoration, you will express your feelings so directly and passionately.
/“Send the crucian carp and these vegetables home for me.” Liu Changan asked Li Hongfang to send the clay pots. Of course, she also had important things to do.
Liu Changan grabbed her hand, hung the bag on her finger, and put the electric car key into her breast pocket.
“You go over there. There is an electric car standing at the entrance of the market. There is a lot of plastic tape on the front of the car, as if it was seriously injured. That is Shangguan Dandan’s electric car. You ride back and return it to her. She finds you Riding her electric bike may give you a small boost of favorability because you know how to ride an electric bike.”
Li Hongfang nodded. There was nothing she could do if Brother Liu didn’t take her with him today. She didn’t have to worry that Brother Liu didn’t trust her. It was also good to have a sense of presence in front of Shangguan Dandan. The relationship between people , that is, we need to meet and communicate frequently to achieve further development.
Regardless of ancient times or modern times, when everyone is in camp, don’t they try their best to show up in front of their superiors?
Although Shangguan Dandan is Brother Liu’s personal weapon, he is still the deputy sect leader, and his strength is as terrifying as a ghost. He has always been the target of Li Hongfang’s fawning.
“This crucian carp, tell Zhou Shuling to fry it on both sides with tea oil, remove the remaining oil from the pan, stir-fry the ginger, garlic, pepper and perilla in the tea oil, pour it on top of the crucian carp, and then steam it for ten minutes over high heat. Yes. If you don’t understand anything, ask her to call me, and I won’t go to have breakfast. I’ll give you my share.” Liu Changan carefully ordered the little crucian carp to do this. This was the purpose of his special rush, and he couldn’t let Zhou Shuling Play freely.
“Then after I finish these things, can I come to you again?” Li Hongfang still likes to watch Liu Changan rub people.
So Li Hongfang left her modified Mercedes-Benz G63 to Liu Changan and went to find Shangguan Dandan’s beloved electric car.
Liu Changan opened the trunk. Although part of the trunk space was occupied due to modifications, it was still very large. There were two layers of clay pots placed close together, which was enough for Liu Changan.
/Kill them all.
The fog dissipated a little, and the road surface was as wet as if it had rained. Liu Changan pressed his toes on the road surface, which was hard.
A few more minivans from Fuyu Vegetable Company passed by, and Liu Changan drove to the farmer