found that no one echoed his questions or spoke to him, especially Qin Yanan’s distant and indifferent attitude, which seemed a bit indifferent. He frowned in displeasure, but he was too lazy to care about anything.

After Qin Yanan introduced herself, it was Liu Changan’s turn.
In the training class for pregnant women, he couldn’t say that he was an ordinary nineteen-year-old college student. Now he was Ye Chenyu, so he said: “My name is Ye Chenyu. I used to do some business, including railways, tobacco, plantations, ship manufacturing, maritime foreign trade, and arms. Buying and selling, finance, banking and real estate are also involved.”
“Brother, can you have some skills?” A young man wearing fashionable brands couldn’t help laughing. “If you want to be able to get involved in these industries, you have to do it before liberation.”
/Others also laughed. Let’s not talk about railways and tobacco. But arms trading?
“I told you, I did some business before.” Liu Changan also laughed, “Then the family business was all gone, and now I am unemployed. I spend my free time at home with my wife.”
After Liu Changan finished speaking, he sat down. No one believed what he said, especially when he was unemployed and idle. Everyone did not feel disdain for this. Instead, it made people think that he was not interested in making friends with the people present, so he did not tell the truth.
Today’s class is “Daily Lifestyle and Pregnant Posture During Pregnancy.” After finishing the class, the ladies will have a private event, while the men will wait in the lounge for the time being.
At this time, the functionality of the high-end social environment is reflected. They are all men with families and businesses. They come here with a purpose. Naturally, they will not make friends based on their hobbies. What they care most about is the status of the other party and whether they are friends. Be useful to yourself and expand high-quality contacts.
Liu Changan felt that maybe it was because the field he was involved in easily put people in jail, and no one wanted to make acquaintance with him, so when everyone gathered together in twos and threes to chat, he seemed lonely, and the men would not look at him from time to time. He glanced at him.
/He is much more popular among ladies. Even if her husband is next to her, her love for beauty cannot be suppressed and she frequently looks at him.
So he picked up the magazines in the lounge and read them. The magazines here were all like “VOGUE”, “Ruili”, “ELLE” and the like. What was very rare was that there was actually a copy of “North Korea Fashion”.
After flipping through it, at first glance, the clothes inside are quite similar to the style of the 1980s and 1990s here in China. But if you look closely, you will see that the model clothes inside are all suitable for ordinary girls. They look dignified, beautiful and fresh. It’s the way a serious person should dress.
The makeup does not cater to the international style or white-skinned aesthetic at all. It is also very bea