ay it!” David said with a smile.

He also saw that Gilbert Sky Knight seemed to be here for the invitation.
“That’s right, I also want to attend this cocktail party. Do you still have a spot?” Gilbert Sky Knight asked.
David was surprised in his heart. He seemed to have underestimated the cocktail party held by the Main family. A sky knight like Gilbert Sky Knight was unable to attend this cocktail party.
It’s no wonder that Butler Jason has been like crazy these days to contact him about various items needed for the reception. I guess Butler understands the importance of this reception better than he does.
How did David know that the Main family is a top noble, and the receptions usually invite top nobles, even if there are some other nobles, they are close to the top nobles.
Although the Sky Knights are indeed powerful and very few in number, if a top noble like the Main family does not have a few Sky Knights in their family, they are still Sky Knights trained by their own family.
Knights with the surname Sky can only be used as offerings in such families and cannot truly integrate into the family and enjoy the glory of the family.
Gilbert Sky Knight has a motivated heart, but he needs to get in touch with the top nobles. This cocktail party is an opportunity, so he came here shamelessly even though he was not too familiar with David.
David was a little hesitant. Knowing that the level of this cocktail party was so high, he had to think carefully about bringing people in.
If Gilbert Sky Knight did anything inappropriate at the reception, it would all be blamed on him who brought him into the reception.
“Baron Arthur, I know this is embarrassing for you, but please don’t worry. I just want to contact the top nobles and find a top noble to become their worshiper. Relying on my own ability, I can’t go any further in this life. I I’m not willing to waste my life like this!” Gilbert Sky Knight begged David with a heavy salute.
Gilbert Sky Knight did not hide his thoughts, and even opened his spirit in order to make David believe it. When he said these words, David could clearly perceive his spirit.
From the fact that David has been buying alchemy materials and making an alchemy carriage, Gilbert Sky Knight knew that David’s spirit was extremely powerful.
The easiest way for a mentally strong person like David to confirm whether a person is lying is to open his mind and let David feel the other person’s spirit.
Gilbert Sky Knight did this on his own initiative. He was extremely eager for the quota for this reception.
/It is difficult to get in touch with powerful people among the top nobles, especially people like family heads. Except for such cocktail parties, unless you have enough status at other times, you can’t even get close.
“Gilbert Sky Knight, I do have a quota. Please prepare a dress these days. I don’t want to be rude at the reception!” David said with a smile.
David was originally planning to take Knight Mark and Knight Andrew to attend the reception. He had never thought that the level of t