r and filming videos. Nuan Nuan also went home. Liu Changan today You are destined to have nothing to do at night, so you have to seize the opportunity.” Shangguan Dandan reminded Bai Hui earnestly while stroking Zhou Dongdong’s belly and knocking on the table.

“Ah what?” Bai Hui’s cheeks were flushed red by the charcoal brazier in the center of the table, and she quickly changed the subject in a panic, “How did Dan Dan know that my cousin was filming that kind of video?”
“She bought the wrong clothes. She bought a popular piece of clothing as sexy underwear. After wearing it, she felt something was wrong. She sent me a video to watch and asked me to help judge whether it was ancient underwear or something.” Shangguan Dandan took out his mobile phone and showed Bai Hui a video.
Bai Hui was startled, what is her cousin doing? You, a woman who doesn’t have a boyfriend and probably doesn’t have any romantic partners, do these things and make videos. What do you want?
/Although as a girl, choosing exquisite and comfortable underwear is often just to treat yourself well, but I always feel that my cousin’s purpose is not so simple.
Shangguan Dandan only gave Bai Hui a glance, but Bai Hui still saw that there were some clothes suitable for outdoor activities on the sofa in the video.
“Reservation will only get you a snarling and tongue-wagging puppy man. When faced with a man like Liu Changan, you have to squeal and pounce on him with his tongue wagging.” Shangguan Dandan thought of Lu Si’en, who was snarling like this. Swinging his tongue and licking, he got a master like Liu Changan, and got rid of his fate as food. He joined the Jiuzhou Fenglei Sword Sect and became the protector of the Saintess with Zhu Juntang.
In order to maintain Bai Hui’s self-esteem, Shangguan Dandan did not ask her to learn from Lu Si’en.
But Bai Hui still felt a little bit hurt in her pride and looked at Shangguan Dandan with grievance, because she imagined the scene of herself screaming “ouch” and then throwing herself at Liu Changan and licking him, which was simply unsightly.
“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” Zhou Dongdong shouted first.
“Giggle!” Shangguan Dandan laughed a few times, unscrewed the lid of his own thermos, and poured champagne for everyone to drink.
Only then did Bai Hui come back to her senses, “That one shouldn’t be a subject, but Cosplay. She may have bought a set of relatively large Cosplay costumes. Nowadays, the purpose of many people playing Cosplay is actually to sell their meat. Become popular.”
“That’s not the point. The point is that you didn’t get any inspiration from such things?” Shangguan Dandan said meaningfully.
“Inspiration?” White Anise’s roots were hot. Did he mean to ask her to imitate her cousin and wear that kind of underwear to make a video for Liu Chang’an to watch?
“It’s this COS thing you mentioned. You can ask Liu Changan to take pictures. Just say that the clothes are a bit bold. You don’t trust others. He is your good friend. He has a good character and makes people feel reassured. He will not ta