in the hands of Cai Jing.

“If you have something to do, just hurry up and get involved. You are always very active in seeking death. Don’t waste your time with me.” Qin Yanan waved his hand, then turned on the TV, which was talking about She is very interested in special programs on the Qinling Mountains where giant pandas have more frequent activities.
Who doesn’t love pandas? After all, it is a creature that even Zhou Dongdong has never eaten.
/Zhu Juntang thought for a while and felt that he should take some precautions before taking action. However, thinking that he could not resist Liu Changan’s killing methods, he slapped his hands and ran away without fear.
Arriving at the foot of Lushan Mountain, after Zhu Juntang entered the house, Liu Changan and Yan Huaye had already left. Zhu Juntang only saw Liu Yuewang lying on the tatami.
/“Miss Zhu, help me!” Liu Yuewang heard the sound of someone coming in and finally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it was Zhu Juntang. You must know that she had just thought of the plot of the Little Dragon Girl in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”.
Liu Yuewang didn’t want to become Little Dragon Girl. Little Dragon Girl was just an ordinary mediocre woman. For a mature, charming and beautiful woman like Liu Yuewang, if a man came in just now, she might suffer unbearable humiliation.
As for Liu Jianshe who abandoned her, what kind of man was he?
But Zhu Juntang stood still. After showing a vigilant and thoughtful expression, she stepped back a few steps and stood at the door looking around.
“Ah, Miss Zhu, don’t leave!” Liu Yuewang stared at Zhu Juntang nervously. This Zhu Juntang is beautiful, but I heard that he is not very smart and often behaves unexpectedly. Most people would save Liu Yuewang, but Zhu Juntang is no ordinary person!
“Hmph, this must be a trap.” Zhu Juntang looked at Liu Yuewang suspiciously. The writhing woman was like an earthworm on a fishhook, and the strips of meat next to the trap looked exactly like bait.
Especially since the bottle of spray was still stuck in Liu Yuewang’s chest, it didn’t look like it was a trap. Zhu Juntang felt that he could do without his brain.
It can be seen from the position of the spray that this trap should be aimed at men, and the possibility of deliberately targeting Zhu Juntang is relatively small.
Considering that it was Liu Changan who was here, it is very likely that Liu Changan set up this trap as Liu Jianshe, and then changed his identity as Liu Changan, and then came to save the beauty as a hero, or some other conspiracy.
This cannot be hidden from the eldest daughter Zhuge Zhujuntang, one of the fairies who is wise, brave, witty and brave.
Since this is Liu Changan’s conspiracy, Zhu Juntang must destroy it and not let him succeed. Zhu Juntang returned to the door, tapped the hidden touch panel with his finger, then entered the administrator mode and checked the room status.
“Number of people in building: 2.”
There were only two people, that is to say, Yan Huaye and Liu Changan had left. Zhu Juntang l