y no problem. He lives here, and someone like Wang Fang, who has had conflicts in the past, works, and everyone who lives there will feel uncomfortable.

“Li Hongfang! You did it on purpose!” Wang Fang screamed and rushed towards Li Hongfang.
Li Hongfang easily avoided it and stepped back from Wang Fang’s back, allowing Wang Fang to push the dog to chew its shit. Two security guards quickly grabbed Wang Fang and pulled Wang Fang out, who was scolding angrily.
“As a sincere apology, Miss Li, please allow us to upgrade your room.” Manager Zhao bowed and smiled bitterly towards the floor. Li Hongfang had planned it before she moved in. If she suddenly asked Manager Zhao It would definitely not work to fire Wang Fang, but now there is no problem at all.
“Okay.” Li Hongfang went back to the room to dismantle the camera. She felt a little emotional. Since working with Brother Liu, she has also learned from his kindness and generosity. When facing ordinary people, he will not kill, poison, etc., and It’s just a small punishment.
/The kind and generous Liu Changan, after leaving the shared house of Li Hongfang and Mu Qing, trotted to the top of Lushan Mountain, carrying a plastic bag filled with water, instead of walking slowly.
Qin Yanan was preparing work plans for the start of school. She was a little surprised to see Liu Changan coming over, but she did not show any surprise. A woman like her who had been pregnant for many months should have received a lot of care and visits from him.
But in fact, even though she was in urgent need of care, nutrition, and good health during her pregnancy, he had no intention of moving around at all. She often needed her to come to him before he was willing to wander over after pushing her around.
Seeing that he was carrying a plastic bag, he was probably going to use something in it to supplement her nutrition.
After the New Year, the eldest young master of the Tang family had a new work arrangement. At the same time, thanks to the further consolidation of his position within the Tang family, the old man also decided to pour all resources into him, and the eldest young master of the Tang family had a further say in the Tang family. Aggravated. There were no internal rivals to complain about Sister Lan, so the eldest young master of the Tang family finally took Sister Lan to live with her again as a “nanny”.
Qin Yanan no longer has a “nanny”.
Qin Yanan, who is alone at home, is dressed very casually. She wears a white suspender skirt. Her round shoulders and delicate collarbones are like the artistic temperament of a painted beauty, but the delicate skin texture is far more moving than an inanimate sculpture.
Qin Yanan glanced at the door, lazily raised her arms, did not stand up, but changed to a more comfortable posture, her waist sank, making her body curves appear more exquisite, and it also made her mind more mature. Powerful momentum.
/Even she herself sometimes feels unbelievable. With such an amazingly plump upper body, there is such a light waist underneath. Could it be