candy-flavored tape at all. The little fairy fought to the death!

Zhu Juntang ran out of the classroom and raised his hand to throw Qin Zhiqiang’s tape into the trash can. However, because this was the trash can closest to the classroom, Zhu Juntang was a little worried. He ran all the way to find a trash can and threw it in. .
/She wanted to warn Qin Zhiqiang not to bring tape to class again. Really, is this person also a pervert? Why bring a bundle of tape to class when he has nothing to do? If he wants to bring tape next time, Zhu Juntang will call a van man! A group of people from a van went to tie him up from head to toe with tape.
Zhu Juntang was so angry that he stopped calling them bread people.
Anyway, he couldn’t deal with Liu Changan, but Zhu Juntang was still able to deal with others.
Watching Zhu Juntang run out of the classroom, Liu Changan smiled at Su Nanxiu beside him.
Su Nanxiu was already a little angry, and she couldn’t stand Liu Changan’s smile.
/“What did she just do?” Su Nanxiu knew that Liu Changan would not throw a bundle of tape over for no reason.
“I am sitting in this position, and I can see her mouth moving around, talking about some messy things to Yan Qingcheng.” Liu Changan pointed at Yan Qingcheng, who was looking back, “I will warn her.”
Yan Qingcheng saw Liu Changan pointing at her and turned around in fright. Did Liu Changan find out that she and Zhu Juntang were gossiping about him just now?
Zhu Juntang was right, Liu Changan could always find out that others were talking about him behind his back without knowing why.
Yan Qingcheng was thinking, he would never bully her like he bullied Zhu Juntang, would he? If he dared to bully her like this, she would never be bullied like Zhu Juntang. She was not a weak-tempered person.
“What did she tell you?” Su Nanxiu was slightly curious, because she knew that compared to her, Liu Changan was not so alienated and indifferent to Zhu Juntang at this stage. Maybe Zhu Juntang really knew something that even Su Nanxiu didn’t know. Liu Changan’s gossip.
“She said that I have had sex with 100,000 women.” Liu Changan shook his head slightly. This number was a bit outrageous.
“You mean there are ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine besides me?” Su Nanxiu glared at Liu Changan.
“There is something wrong with you. This is what Zhu Juntang said, not me.” Liu Changan was confused and sat in the front row with his bag.
Su Nanxiu sat there without moving. She was already angry. She took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Zhong Qing to ground Zhu Juntang. She skipped classes all day long. Could it be that she, the heir, was trained to inherit Ant Huabei?
After class in the afternoon, Liu Changan went to An Nuan’s house to wait for her. After a while, An Nuan came back by car. She wanted to help Liu Yuewang and Professor Ling bring some things there. The woman packed her things to leave home. If she didn’t have a few days If you plan to do it for at least half a day, there will definitely be something that you didn’t br