the Sutra of Abandonment was stripped of its body by Lu Bei and sent to the list of gods, the immortal life chart was devoured by the Book of Heaven and became an indispensable foundation for the creation of three thousand worlds.

In that battle, Qi Li Jing suffered heavy losses.
He spent five hundred years recasting the Immortal Life Chart. Because of the growth of the Three Thousand Worlds and the prostitution everywhere, the Immortal Life Chart completed sublimation progress.
Lu Bei saw it and didn’t stop him. Without him, there was no threat.
The Abandonment Sutra is well aware of this and has been quite honest over the past five hundred years. He rarely stirs up rumors and gossips about the Emperor of Heaven.
/What came out through his mouth was all requested by the Emperor of Heaven on his own initiative, and the elite soldiers went ahead without public opinion. This is what the Emperor of Heaven learned from experience when he slept with his mother-in-law.
The Abandonment Sutra punched one after another, and he was very happy. When the Buddha Land was created, he also followed the wave of whoring. Not only did he get a lot of benefits, but he also threw away the acquired four swords of the immortal world and the Qingping sword. Go in and take the opportunity to be promoted to an innate spiritual treasure.
Because of the rub, the four swords of Zhu Xian are average in power, and the Qingping Sword is not as powerful as the Ninth Grade Lotus Platform and the Seven Treasures Wonderful Tree.
Without the four imperial guards arriving at the same time, Zhulong and the Master of Ten Thousand Ways can easily defeat it by joining forces. It is better than a dream come true, which relieves the pain of abandoning the Sutra in the world of gods.
The little black room was not in vain, he, the immortal sword master, finally had a sword of the innate spiritual treasure level.
The master of the Immortal Sword has amazing swordsmanship, but it is far less powerful than his fists. He can kill a ten-eyed demon with one punch, and then plunder the opponent’s laws to strengthen the Immortal Life Chart.
It’s no wonder that the Master of All Ways said that the Sutra of Abandonment was a little demon lord. His comment was not false and he was not wrong at all.
On the Master of Ten Thousand Paths, he is better at prostitution than the Sutra of Abandonment. He opens the Taisu Wuji Heaven with one finger, darkness swallows up the heaven and earth, and sweeps away a large number of ten-eyed demons. With a flip of his hand, he presses all the laws into the Taisu Wuji Heaven, with great efficiency. Much higher than the Abandonment Sutra.
After a few times, the Master of Ten Thousand Daos pointed out that a ten-eyed demon was derived from Taisu Wuji Heaven.
The two big guys were so good at whoring, the Emperor of Heaven was in the front fighting the Demon Lord, and the two of them were picking up the slack in the back. While doing so, they praised Brother Bei for his righteousness. The eldest brother deserved to take th