fresh lotus appeared on her pulled cheeks.

An Nuan has always been proud of her jumping ability. Of course she has to jump when playing volleyball, but Liu Changan likes to tease her with monkeys and says that her jumping ability is average and she just relies on her long legs. This makes her An Nuan didn’t know whether to praise her or belittle her strengths.
“Women are really forgetful.” Liu Changan shook his head, “I’ll count for you, once.”
“Stop!” An Nuan shouted to Liu Changan.
“Then do you still practice Buddhism?”
“I don’t!”
“That’s good.”
Liu Changan stopped talking. An Nuan’s eyes widened and she glanced sideways at him from time to time, but he remained silent, as if he didn’t know what “consciousness” meant at all. So An Nuan finally couldn’t bear it anymore and pinched Liu Changan behind him. A piece of meat on his waist, “Speak quickly!”
“say what?”
An Nuan didn’t care anymore, she hugged his neck and shook him, as if if he stopped taking the initiative to explain, she would be able to shake him down like a mountain without any edges, like the heaven and the earth.
“Okay.” Liu Changan grabbed her two hands and put them down from his neck, “Didn’t you notice that her cup size is the same as yours? The most important thing is that she did not receive my Qin Wei Alchemy.”
“You also know her bra size!”
“I’m not blind.”
An Nuan blushed and continued to walk forward. In fact, how can anyone accurately see a girl when she is wearing clothes? Just like Bai Fen doesn’t always jump around like a hidden bunny. Many times It was only in the locker room that everyone discovered that a certain girl had grown again, hiding the turbulence beneath the gentle waves.
An Nuan couldn’t judge the winner of the cup cup between himself and the girl, but as Liu Changan said, the key is that in his opinion, only after receiving his extremely ridiculous and obscene gift, the cup cup can be enough. Qualified to fall in love with him.
I really miss you! An Nuan angrily hit Liu Changan on the shoulder several times.
“Then will you like her?” An Nuan raised her head slightly, “I think she is pretty.”
“I have someone I like.” Liu Changan shook his head.
An Nuan’s heart beats like a lotus in June. The small buds are held high and sway in panic at the slightest breeze, as if they will be broken at any time, which is worrying.
An Nuan was startled, pulled Liu Changan and ran quickly. They were already near Xiangnan University, which was a relatively dangerous area.
“Your mother?”
“I also want to say hello to her.”
“She’ll blow you away!”
/“I haven’t flown yet”
An Nuan pulled Liu Changan and ran very fast, going around the small building in the teaching area and hiding.
An Nuan gasped and patted her chest. She bent down and finally let Liu Changan see something from her collar.
It turns out that it is not like a small lotus showing its sharp corners, but it is the first ripening of a new melon.
Liu Changan raised his head and hugged An Nuan. An Nuan lowered her head and rested her forehead on